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About me: I’ve been running for nearly 15 years and have run a 2:39:32 marathon PR. I’m a USATF-certified running coach, the founder of Strength Running, and an author. My coaching has been featured in major media like Runner’s World, Fitness Magazine, and the Huffington Post. I want to make you a better runner.

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“Earlier this year, I was feeling pain in my glutes and hip flexors after every run. I was extremely discouraged and ready to drop out of the Bolder Boulder 10K, my favorite race. Then I joined the email list and read about dynamic warm ups. It changed everything!  I kept training and PR’d my 10K at the Bolder Boulder by over five minutes. Thank you so much.” – Jessica

“I’ve been bothered by achilles pain for over a month. Took some time off. No results. Tried your advice. Two days later. No pain. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!”Trent

If I had actually read and not skimmed Strength Running, I really believe I wouldn’t have hurt myself and could have run my half… your passion is contagious!” – Deb

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