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Read the Books!

Strength Running has a collection of running books, digital guides, and ebooks to help you achieve all of your running goals.

Whether you’re looking for answers to your questions (The Strength Running PR Guide), guidance on race pacing (13 Lucky Racing Tips), or need a primer on how to run the Boston Marathon (Boston Marathon Course Guide), there’s a resource here that can help you become a better runner.

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner

Your quick “coach in your pocket” guide. Wisdom from:101 Ways to be a Better Runner

  • 14+ years of competitive experience from high school, college, and post-college.
  • Hundreds of races from triathlon, cross country, Warrior Dash, and the marathon.
  • Thousands of runners helped to become faster, healthier and stronger.
  • Scientific studies, articles on biomechanics and physiology, and countless training books….

…distilled into an easy to read, actionable book of running advice to help you do one thing: become a better runner. 

Buy the book on Amazon. Or, if you don’t have a Kindle, download it instantly here.

Running for Health & Happiness

This book is for beginner to intermediate runners. You’ll learn:Running for Health and Happiness

  • How to build your mileage (it’s not the 10% Rule)
  • Strength work for runners – plus core exercises and dynamic flexiblity routines
  • How to stay motivated, even when running is hard

Running for Health and Happiness debuted as the #1 best-selling Kindle book on Amazon in the running category with a 4.6 rating!

Buy the book on Amazon. Or, if you don’t have a Kindle, download it instantly here.

13 Lucky Racing Tips For Your Next Personal Best

I asked 13 top coaches, Boston Qualifiers, ultramarathoners, and even an Olympic Trials Qualifier for their best race advice and pacing strategies.

And I put it together in an ebook for you – for free. Just sign up here and you’ll get the link to download the book.

Here are just some of the experts who contributed their favorite racing strategies:Racing Tips ebook

  • Jay Johnson, Running Times contributor and creator of the Building a Better Runner DVDs
  • Mario Fraioli, 2:28 marathoner and senior editor at Competitor Magazine
  • Jeff Gaudette, Olympic Trials Qualifier and former Hansons-Brooks professional runner
  • Doug Hay, ultramarathoner and trail runner
  • Susan Lacke, Ironman Triathlete and writer for Competitor
  • David Hylton, co-creator of #RunChat
  • Matt Frazier, founder of No Meat Athlete and Boston Qualifier
  • Mark Kennedy, former kinesiologist and founder of Healthynomics
  • Me! 2:39 marathoner and author of this blog  🙂

Download it here and it’ll be in your inbox in less than an hour.

The Strength Running PR Guide

This free exclusive Q&A guide only available to subscribers – because it was SR subscribers who made it possible!

It includes five sections that cover a range of topics from how to build mileage, race pacing, running gear to use (and what NOT to use), strength routines that help you prevent injuries, fast workouts, improvement, and other random questions posed by your fellow Strength Runners.

SR subscribers helped make this guide possible so a big thank you is in order for submitting all of the questions! Get the PR Guide here (it’s free).

The Boston Marathon Course Guide

bostonqualifyingTo help you learn the intricacies of the Boston course, you can download the Run Your BQ Boston Marathon Course Guide – an exclusive guide to the Boston Marathon, Athlete’s Village, and Expo.

Rather than writing it myself (as of this writing, I haven’t run Boston yet), I hired Adam Fitzgerald. So, who exactly is Adam?

He has a marathon PR of 2:25:30 and has run four Boston Marathons. A collegiate cross country All-American, Adam is also the 2002 New England Division 3, New England Small College Athletic Conference, and All-New England champion in the 10,000m with a PR of 30:53.

Needless to say, he is fast and knows what it takes to study a course to help you run a personal best!

Check out the book details here.

52 Workouts, 52 Weeks, One Faster Runner

This workout guide was first published in 2010 and then revised in 2014. It includes:52 Workouts Cover Photo

  • Long run variations
  • Fartleks, VO2 Max intervals, and speed development workouts
  • Fun runs to do with groups of runners
  • Bonus: the workouts, mileage levels, and long run progressions before my 2:39 marathon

This ebook is free – you can download it as a PDF here or get it as a Kindle ebook ($.99) here.

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