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The Circuit Workout

This core and running form drill circuit workout will help you develop specific strength for injury prevention and efficiency. It’s an advanced routine so reduce the number of repetitions or length to make it easier. Download it here.

The Strength Running PR Guide

An exclusive Q&A guide only available to you, this was put together with the help of the Strength Running Team. It includes 5 sections that cover a range of topics: mileage, pacing, gear, strength routines, fast workouts, improvement, and other random questions posed by your fellow Strength Runners. You helped make this guide possible so thank you for submitting questions! Check it out.

Strength and Core Routines – The Ultimate Guide

Having trouble deciding what type of core or strength routine to do? Here is a massive compilation of every strength, core, and flexibility routine that I know (and trust/use myself). Done before and after a workout, these exercises can help you recover faster and prevent injuries. Download the routines here.

The 2010 Analysis

This is a detailed analysis of my 2010 training: what worked, where I failed, and how I planned to make 2011 even better. There are a lot of lessons to be learned so I hope it can help you become a better runner. Read it here.

How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Can you have an amazing vacation without sacrificing your running fitness? Yes! With a drastically reduced training schedule, you can come back from your vacation feeling fast and ready to resume normal training. Check out the guide here.

Dynamic Warm-up Illustrations

Have trouble remembering what exercises are in those routines I recommend? Fear not! Once you’re familiar with the exercises, use these handy print outs to jog your memory on the order and number of repetitions.

The Master Shopping List

Never worry about eating the same 10 foods over and over again. This list has nearly 90 things you can buy on your next trip to the grocery store – from fruit and veggies to seafood and even nut butters. Everything here (well, almost everything) is what I consider a “real food” – so stick with these foods to feel great. Download it here.

The Obstacle Race Training Report

How can you run a more successful obstacle race? This free report shows you the “5 Universal Truths” of obstacle course races – how to run faster, finish further up in the field, and avoid the mistakes most of us make. Download it here.

13 Lucky Racing Tips For Your Next Personal Best

Do you want to run faster in your next race? Maybe you want to finally finish strong or run a new PR? I asked 13 top coaches, 13 Lucky Racing TipsBoston Qualifiers, ultramarathoners, and even an Olympic Trials Qualifier for their best race advice and pacing strategies.

And I put it together in an ebook for you – for free. I know that one of these race tips will lead to a new personal best. Learn from the experts here and have the race of your life. Download it here.

50 Quotes to Inspire You to Run Down Your Dreams

Want to read a collection of the most inspiring quotes about why running is AWESOME – with photos from the most beautiful places on the planet?50 Quotes Book Cover

You’ve come to the right place! You’ll see photos from all around the world (no stock images) – from the oceans of Cape Cod and Maui to the jungles of Australia and mountains of Colorado. All of the quotes used were provided by members of the Strength Running community.

It’s a beautiful book that inspires me to fall in love with running all over again, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Download it here.

The Season Planner Worksheet

Every runner needs to plan a season around their goal race to ensure they run to their potential.

In this new worksheet, I show you how to plan training, tune-up races, and the length of your season. Better planning = faster racing.

Download the season planner here.


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