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Thank You for Your Order of
the PR Race Plan

Thanks for taking action and investing in your running. I can’t wait to help.

Download the questionnaire here: Runner-Questionnaire and email it to me at

Once I have your Questionnaire, it takes me at least 5 business days to get your finished plan back to you. Thanks for your patience!

If you can’t download the Questionnaire, just copy the questions below and email them to me.




Email Address:


How many years have you been running?

Do you want your plan in metric or US (miles and minutes/mile) units?

Height and Weight:

Average weekly mileage during the last 4-6 weeks:

Average long run in the last 4-6 weeks:

Describe your faster running workouts in the last 4 weeks (Please be specific and include distances run, paces, recovery intervals, etc. that will give me an understanding of what you’re currently doing):

How many days per week you usually run:

Previous running injuries in the last 2-3 years:

Present injury or injuries (date of injury, length of training missed, amount of pain, etc.):

Do you cross-train by pool running, cycling, elliptical, etc. If so, how frequently? (if you take a class at a gym, please describe it):

Do you do core or strength training workouts?  Describe:

Have you ever been coached?  If so, what did you like/dislike?

Recent Personal Bests (Please estimate 1-2 race finish times if you don’t have any recent personal bests or else it’s very difficult for me to estimate your training paces):

Favorite training/racing philosophy (what do you believe works?):

Are you planning on racing soon? Provide date and type of races (I need the actual DATES of your races in order to schedule them appropriately):

If you’re not planning any races, what is your goal for this training plan?

Where do you want your running to be in 3 months?

What’s your first and second priorities for a coaching program (what do you want to accomplish)?

Did I miss anything?