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Media Inquiries

Below is a selection of major media that have featured my work or quoted me:

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Speaking Opportunities

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I’m available for select speaking engagements at companies, schools, races, conferences, and running clubs.

I have spoken and presented at several organizations including the Inter-American Development Bank and the DC Fit Conference.

“Jason Fitzgerald was a great addition to the panel on half marathon training at DC Fit, our boutique health and fitness expo featuring industry experts. Jason spoke knowledgeably to runners of various levels on training technique, mental preparation, and nutrition. His expertise was of tremendous value.” – Reid Snyder, publisher at InTheCapital

Topic expertise:

  • Injury prevention, long-term health, and consistency (or, how to never get hurt again)
  • How to break through your performance plateau – small tweaks that give powerful results
  • Advanced marathon training (or, how to run your fastest marathon no matter your talent level)
  • Grow, market, and develop a blog-based business

Additional Feedback:

“As an avid reader of ‘all things running’ I immediately recognized Jason as someone dialed into the latest thought and current best practices for runners. As a masters runner the concepts behind Strength Running are even more important than for younger runners. With the help of SR I’ve been able to avoid hip and glute issues I’ve dealt with in the past and have been able to remain strong enough to run through hamstring issues.” – Chris, Boston Marathon Qualifier

“It’s such a relief to get some good all round guidance – I have started to put pretty much everything Jason suggested into action and I feel so much happier that I am doing what I need to do and heading in the right direction. I was feeling quite disheartened with all the injuries I’d had and was wondering if I should just quit, but am now feeling a lot more confident that I can get through it and be in better shape and a better runner from it. Much appreciated!” – Charlotte S.

Please email me at with your event date, location, budget, and additional details.