Training Journal: March 15 – 28, 2010

These last two weeks were very productive blocks of training.  Unfortunately, it did not end well but a slightly premature end to this training cycle is just fine.  I had no races lined up and was focusing on aerobic development and strength.  Here we go.

Monday, 3/15

Lunge Matrix + leg swings, 66 min. + 6 x 10 sec. hill sprints.  Myrtl routine.  Felt pretty slow today. [9 miles]

Tuesday, 3/16

Standard warm-up, 71′ + 5 x 20″ surges. [10 miles]

Wednesday, 3/17

AM: Cannonball, 25 min. warm-up, 8 x hills: 2 x 2 min., 4 x 90 sec., 2 x 75 sec., 21 min. warm-down + light drills and 10 min. ice bath.  I felt awesome today and really tried to turn it over on the last two shorter hill reps.  Fitness is really coming along! [11 miles]

PM: 1 set standard core, 30 pushups, gym workout: 2 x (12 walking lunges with 25 lb. plate, 15 bench press @ 95 lbs., 15 deadlifts at 85 lbs., 7 pullups, 8 pistol squats with 10 lbs., 12 dips).

Thursday, 3/19

AM: Standard warm-up, 70 min. with 2 x 1 min. + 2 x 30 sec. with 1 min recovery.  Light drills. [10 miles]

PM: 30 pushups + 1 set standard core.  Foam roller.

Friday, 3/20

AM: Standard warm-up, 36 min. + 4 strides.  Light drills + 11 min. ice bath. [5 miles]

PM: ITB rehab routine.

Saturday, 3/21

Cannonball + lunge matrix, 2:08 with last ~15 min. significantly faster.  Two sets standard core + 15 min. ice bath.  My right hamstring tightened up for the last half mile or so but not performance limiting.  Felt great otherwise! [18 miles]

Sunday, 3/22

Standard warm-up, 56 min. + 10 min. ice bath.  Light drills and foam roller before bed. [8 miles]


71 miles with a good amount of core and strength work.  Consistency! I’m feeling pretty awesome without doing any really hard workouts.  I have successfully avoided the track which was a huge goal of mine.

Monday, 3/22

AM: Cannonball to loosen up.

PM: Standard warm-up, 65 min. + 2 sets standard core.  Tired today from a good weekend of training. [9 miles]

Tuesday, 3/23

Lunge matrix, 70 min. + 4 x 10 sec. hill sprints.  Leg swings before bed. [10 miles]

Wednesday, 3/24

AM: Cannonball, 28 min. warm-up with 2 x 20 sec. surges, 2 x tempo loop at tempo pace + 30 min. warm-down with 4 x 1 min. hard.  Myrtl routine.  Ran the tempo loops in 7:11 (3:21, 3:50) and 7:07 (3:18, 3:48) – 14:19 total tempo – 72 min. total running. [11 miles]

PM: 2 x 30 pushups

Thursday, 3/25

AM: Standard warm-up, 70 min. with 4 x 20 sec hard. [10 miles]

PM: 3 sets standard core + 3 x 30 pushups.

Friday, 3/25

Standard warm-up, 36 min. + ITB rehab routine. [5 miles]

Saturday, 3/26

Lunge matrix, 25 min. warm-up + hurdle drills and leg swings.  Ran 4 strides then a 3k time trial in 9:38.  Felt very slow, no turnover or “extra gear” to push the middle laps.  Split 5:04 at the mile.  This effort is the equivalent of about a 10:20 two-mile.  Silver lining: I was barely tired.  20 min. warm-down + leg swings. [8 miles]

Saturday, 3/27

Cannonball + short lunge matrix.  64 min. outside but left arch got very sore so I cut this run.  I should not have been dancing all night after a time trial!! [9 miles]


62 miles with a very mediocre time trial.  Definitely not satisfied with the time but I hadn’t been doing any fast workouts with the exception of my last hill workout.  I’m happy with how I felt in terms of aerobic development – not tired or breathing too heavily so I think I have a good base to build from.

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