Half-Marathon Training Starts Now! July’s Training + Fall Race Plans

Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don’t let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.” …

“Mileage!” And other valuable lessons from April

Recently I asked a running friend of mine, “Quick, gut reaction answer: what is my potential in the marathon in the next three years?”

He answered, “2:33, give or take.”

Then came the qualifier. He added, IF you

How to Find Your Training Sweet Spot: March’s Training Journal

Finding your training sweet spot can be the holy grail of training. You’ll always know when to push yourself, when to back off the effort level, and how to enjoy running more than ever.

Be Happy with Your Training Sweet Spot

So what’s a training sweet …

Going Through the Motions: February’s Training Journal

Passion. Inspiration. Drive. Excitement. Motivation. Why do I feel none of this?

I have a confession: my running is not where it should be. During the last month, I neglected the little things like core exercises, sleep, a good …

November Training Journal – Something New (Q&A for you)

Every month on Strength Running I write a review of the previous month’s training – what worked, what didn’t, my failures and successes. My hope is that you can learn from my training to improve your own.

I’m going …

Creating the Marathon Mindset: October’s Training Journal

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“In football, you might get your bell rung, but you go in with the expectation that you might get

Patience, #RunStreak, and Psuedo-Injuries: September’s Training Journal

September – what a month! Lots of lessons to be learned and milestones to be celebrated.

First, September was my highest volume month of 2011! I ran 342 miles, or an average of about 80 miles per week. …

Marathon Training Starts…Now! August’s Training, Shoes, and More

It’s game time.

The Philadelphia Marathon is on November 20, only 76 short days away. This is week seven of my 17 week training plan.

Marathon Training Starts Now

I’ve already had to alter my schedule based on my original program, which highlights …

July Training Journal: Wedding, Honeymoon, and New Guide

July started with a bang with 82 miles in the first seven days. And it ended in a whimper: only 199 miles for the month.

But I had a great reason for running so little: I got married and …

Staying in Shape While Taking Time Off to Party (June Training Journal)

Every month on Strength Running I provide an overview of my training, key workouts, and any races that I run. If you want to see what my training looks like on a daily basis, you can follow me on …