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New Coaching Packages! Get Faster Today

Two months ago I offered to review the training of a few of my newsletter readers for free. I had an idea for a new type of coaching tool that isn’t being offered anywhere else, so I was curious if others would be interested.

Well, the response and interest I received was incredible so I knew it was something other runners would benefit from. After some tweaking, I’m proud to announce that I’m offering three packages to you today.

I have put together three different training packages that can help you improve your training, get faster, and run your next PR. 2011 is the Year of the PR – who is going to take action and improve?

Check out the new programs on my coaching page.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

“Thanks to you, your training plans, the common sense and way you dove right into getting me on track is amazing! I am so thankful I found you- even after only 6 weeks with you!” – Tammy, BC, Canada

“I’m starting to lay down my off season training plan and your message is really inspiring me to do things in a new way for 2011.  You can’t know how much this helps me. Take care and keep up the terrific work.” –Brian, ON, Canada

The Coaching Programs

The PR Race Plan  – Gearing up for a PR attempt? Let me write your training plan. You’ll get a calendar of workouts tailored specifically for you that will get you to the starting line feeling stronger than ever. Don’t expect just mileage and running workouts – you’ll also receive  core strength, lifting, speed development, and injury prevention workouts customized for you. Purchase a PR Race Plan now.

Full Coaching  – This package offers all the bells and whistles. Consider me your personal running consultant, available anytime to answer your questions about running. You’ll receive a customized training program, strength and core routines, and a plan to put it all together. Prepare to be held accountable for running your workouts – communication will be frequent via email. This package is for runners who are looking for long-term running success so it is sold in packages of 3 months.

If you want to join a private list to work more closely with me later, you can sign up here. I’ll be in touch when there’s space in the Full Coaching program.

This list will be the first to hear the news about new coaching plans, updates to what’s offered, and exclusive deals available only to my readers.

Need More Info?

Read the Coaching page for more information. You can also email me at

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