Strength Running is on Facebook! (Plus, Road ID Giveaway)

Strength Runners – I am excited to announce that we now have a Facebook page! Just in case you need another way to hang out with me, Strength Running, and even more awesome training advice.

Strength Running is on Facebook!

Having this page up allows me another way to interact with my readers and fellow runners. Some people like Twitter, others like blog comments, and everyone loves Facebook. Except MySpace people, but they’re usually creepy.

Please visit and “like” the Strength Running page on Facebook! I’d love to be able to start new conversations with you about running wherever you hang out. If you’re a huge fan, please share this with your friends.

Road ID Giveaway!

Extra Bonus: Because I love my readers (and Road ID is so generous), I’m offering a free Road ID to one lucky Strength Runner. I am a big supporter of Road ID because I know shit can happen when you’re out on the trails alone. Don’t take silly chances. Be smart.

You get multiple entries for each of the following:

  1. Tweet this contest to your followers on Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, share this post on StumbleUpon or Reddit.
  2. Follow Road ID on Twitter.
  3. Go to the new Strength Running Facebook page and click the “Like” button.
  4. Do the same for Road ID on Facebook.

This is the most important part: when you’ve done all 4 of the above (and you will, if you like to win), comment on this post with your number of entries. Remember, 1 entry for each of the 4 actions above. And we’re on the Honor Code system here at Strength Running.

When I randomly choose a winner, I’ll have Road ID send you a personal eCard that has a custom code on it. You’ll use that code to get your free Road ID.

In the spirit of giving you more SR today, I want to share several articles that I’ve written about training that haven’t been published here. These were guest posts on other running and fitness blogs where I was fortunate to be able to contribute. In no certain order, here we go:

  1. Three Steps to Better Running – admittedly, this needs a much better title. I advocated for “Joyful, Healthy Running: Your 3-Point Plan.” Cest la vie.
  2. Bored With Your Long Run? Get Stronger by Running Different Types of Long Runs
  3. How to Dominate Your Core: Advanced Exercises to Keep You Healthy
  4. The Top 3 Cross-Training Exercises for Runners
  5. Project Finish Line – a project about personal stories and finish lines by Patrick McCrann

I’d love to hear what you think of the articles so either comment on this post or shoot me an email at

Remember, I’d love for you to join the Strength Running team on Facebook. Let me know how many giveaway entries you get by commenting on this post below!

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