Why the Strength Running PR Guide Won’t Be Available for Everyone (And How You Can Get a Copy)

Over the last six weeks, I’ve worked closely with my newsletter readers to create the Strength Running PR Guide. I asked them to send me their running questions and I got an overwhelming response. What was supposed to be a blog post is now over 10,000 words.

Why did I ask my readers to submit any question about training? I’ll admit it’s open-ended, but that’s the point. I received questions about running that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

My new ebook will be absolutely free but isn’t available to everyone – I won’t be releasing it publicly here on the blog. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first I want to tell you more about the new guide.

The Strength Running PR Guide is a dense beginner and intermediate level runner’s resource on many common (and not so common) running questions. I’ve divided the guide into four sections:

  • Mileage and Endurance
  • Pacing
  • Strength Routines and Lifting
  • Workouts
  • Gear, Improvement, and Other Randomness

What’s so powerful about this new ebook is that I didn’t even come up with the idea! The Strength Running Team generated 100% of the questions and are responsible for the direction and content of the book. Without their help, I couldn’t have written it.

The goal of this new ebook is to finally answer some of those obnoxious questions that always seem to come up – but are never answered in your copy of Runner’s World. My favorite questions are:

  • The 10% Rule assumes you haven’t built up to that mileage before. But what if you are coming back from a post-season mileage reduction – can you build faster?
  • Is there a limit to how fast you can get?
  • What do you do once you complete your goal race? I am not sure how to train in between my races.
  • How do I always get over the middle part of a race where I always slow down?

Many of the topics that are covered in the PR Guide aren’t covered here on the blog.  I’m actually excited by this because it means the book is very unique and different to the topics I normally discuss.

Get Priority Access

Like I mentioned before, the Strength Running PR Guide won’t be available for just anyone. I feel very loyal to my newsletter readers and since I worked exclusively with them to create this resource, I’m only giving it to them. It’s their reward for trusting me with their email address and helping me put together the guide.

This is the last time I’ll mention the guide here on the blog – I will be quietly launching it to my email readers later this week. My email list is to thank for the guide, so this is how I’m thanking them.

If you aren’t interested in the Strength Running PR Guide that’s totally cool. It’s not for everyone. If you’re an experienced runner and know a lot about training, racing, strength workouts, and pacing then it wouldn’t be of much value.

For new and intermediate runners however, it can help you become a better runner. If you’re interested, get the guide here.

If you’re new to Strength Running, I should give you a little background. My name is Jason Fitzgerald and I run this place. I’ve run 2:44 in the marathon and now I coach and teach runners how to get faster by training smart. One of my athletes recently ran a 25 minute PR in the marathon.

Strength Running isn’t your typical running blog. It’s not focused on me – it’s focused on strategies to help you improve. I don’t write generic posts that are 300 words long. You’re going to find detailed, action-oriented posts that you can use to update your training.

Take a look around in the archives and read some of the most popular posts. If you like what you see, I’d love to have you on the team. You can still get the Strength Running PR Guide later this week. Just sign up here and you’re all set.

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