On Motivation: 11 Simple Reasons to be a Runner for Life

A simple question can sometimes be answered in countless ways. While the reasons for why we run may be different, our passion for the sport unites us runners.

Running Motivation Why do you run?

Using Twitter and the Strength Running Facebook page, I asked “Why do you run?” Here’s why…

“I run because it gives me a high like no other drug.” – Andrew

“I run to keep pace with my past and one step ahead of my future.” – Jonathan

“I run because I’ve seen what not running can do to you and it scares the hell out of me!” – The Naked Runners

“I run for good health, weight management, and the energy it takes to keep up with my kids. A small part of me enjoys the competition too.” – Dawn

“I run for my health…to overcome the odds and to be the best that I know that I can be!” – Tammy

“I run because it makes me feel like I’m 13 again: the girl who wanted to be Indiana Jones, explore the world and have adventures!” – Lisa

“I love to run, it makes me smile, I think I’ll run another mile!” – Cyndi

“I run because it’s the best ‘me’ time ever and the sense of accomplishment no matter how short or long I’m running.” – Karen

“I run because I love the competition and I want to be the best and fastest I can.” – Sam

“I run for physical and mental strength and well-being.” – Debbi

“I run to live on the edge. If you ain’t living on the edge you’re taking up too much space. Running will push you to new limits, do it!” –¬†Eric

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  1. I love the quotes from Cyndi & Eric. I may have to steal Cyndi’s and use it as a mantra during long runs!

  2. Great responses! We’ve done a similar question a few times on #runchat and I never get tired of seeing why people run. My answer varies from time to time, depending on the current training situation or time of year.

  3. I run because it is the only time where I feel in complete control of my thoughts and my actions, the only time where my success and failure feels entirely up to me, the only time when I focus completely on the moment…

  4. Simple. I run because I like it.

  5. Kris D. says:

    Love all of the answers, definitely relate to each one! One of the many reasons I run is that one of my dearest friends has MS, so until there is a cure and she can run with me, I will run for her–and all others who wish they could.

  6. So many reasons to run and I swear they change every day. Today I run because sometimes I just need a break from the bike, because sometimes I need a break from the screaming toddler in the house, because it’s so nice out, because I need to figure out a solution to a work problem and my best thinking happens on the run, because I want to stay healthy and because what other activity can accomplish all the above at the same time?

  7. I’m still a beginner, but I continue to run because I can see that the lessons I’m learning are applicable in my daily life. Every time I urge myself to run just a bit more (to the next street corner, or light) it’s as if I’m reinforcing that behavior mentally when I want to give up because I’m bored at work, or struggling with school work or the like. I really enjoy that synergistic quality between the physical and mental.

    • Definitely. Running has helped me learn a lot of lessons that have helped me in so many areas of my life. Keep it up! It’s totally worth it.

  8. I love articles like this! It reminds me of a website called IRunFor.Org… They donate $1 to help fight hunger for every story shared on their site!

  9. Corro porque por cada zancada que doe me olviido de todos miis problemaas.. porque mi mentte y corazon son unos solo, concetrados en una respiraciion perfectaa, solo piensan un km maas, porque me encanta sentirme libre de ataduraas y poder correr haciia donde quiera y tan rapido como puedaa porque me encantta sentir mi musculo al golpear el piso y el aire que enfriia mi sudor.. solo el soniido de mi respiracion aww me encantta !!!