The Results of Taking Action: Real Runners, Massive Improvements

This year, we’re taking action. We’re decisively moving forward with our training and executing on proven, fundamental training ideas.

Year of Taking Action

We’re doing this because it’s powerful. If we can avoid gimmicks and focus on the essentials, it will be …

2021: The Year of Taking Action

Happy New Year and welcome to the Year of Taking Action! We’re going to create bigger goals, follow through, and actually accomplish them in 2021.

Year of Taking Action

2020 is officially over. Let’s also hope that murder hornets, dysfunctional governance, and the …

Dr. Amber Shipherd on Building Confidence, Self-Efficacy, and Positive Self-Talk

Are you your own best cheerleader? Or do you consistently doubt yourself and your running? The answer may dictate how successful you are as a runner.

Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is one of the most important concepts in the world of …

Professor Brian Zuleger on the Mental Strengths of Youth, Community, and Fun

Diving into the minds of collegiate athletes is fascinating. Especially if those days are behind you, it can be hard to remember how different our perspectives were in our late teens and early 20s. What can we learn from …

Mantras for Running that Boost Mental Toughness

Have you ever used mantras for running? A mantra is a personal affirmation that helps you focus and stay mentally tough. And they work!

mantras for running

This year, we’re celebrating the Year of Mastering our Mindset.

Yogi Berra said this …

Mindset Traps: How Runners Mentally Self-Sabotage

When I first started running, the abilities of better runners simply stunned me. Their physical prowess was impressive, but their mental fitness was profound.

racing runners

As an eager 14-year old on my high school’s cross country team, I barely ever …

The Value of Uncertainty

Back in January, I was thrilled to get into the Vermont 100 miler.  I watched and waited as they made the race selections public online, and with less than 30 slots left, my name was finally chosen!

VT100 Finisher

I started …

Lindsay Crouse on Investing in Women, Breakthroughs, and Running Journalism

Linday Crouse is changing how the sport of running operates – from inside of it but also as a journalist breaking some of the biggest stories in sports.

Lindsay Crouse NYT

If the name Lindsay Crouse sounds familiar, you’ve probably read some …

Mental Skills Spotlight: How Adam Became Mentally Strong

Runners are always focused on training their bodies with long runs, workouts, and strength training. But why don’t we formally train our minds and develop our mental skills?


Building mental skills and prioritizing our mindset may sound out …

Performance Psychology for Runners with Dr. Justin Ross

Performance psychology for runners promises to turbocharge your training so you’re able to get the most out of your body on race day. But how does this field of psych relate to endurance running?

performance psychology for runners

Looking back over my running …