Introducing: How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Last night, the Strength Running Team got an email from me with the newest guide: How to Stay Fit on Vacation: A Simple Guide to Maintaining Fitness While You’re Sipping Cocktails.

The title is long, but I had fun with it 🙂

The guide shows you how you can maintain your current running fitness level while taking up to two weeks off for a trip. And no, I don’t recommend running a lot. In fact, I suggest you cut your running significantly.

You’ll learn the three principles you need to stay in shape during a vacation. With these principles, an overview of my training in Hawaii for almost two weeks, and two example training logs, you’ll be ready to plan your own workouts.

I also included specific advice for different types of vacations (beach, theme park, and road trip vacations). They’re all different and have unique benefits and obstacles. Knowing where you’re going and what you’re doing will have a big impact on how you train.

You’ll also have guidance on goal setting, diet suggestions, advice on where to run, and how to come back to normal training once you return from your trip. The guide is free and available to Strength Runners as a thank you for being part of the community.

If you’re interested, get the new guide here and you’ll get instant access.

We’ll be back later this week with our regular scheduled articles. To your running success!

– Jason.

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