The Five Types of Runners (Running Infographic)

Time for some fun today. Have you noticed that there are many types of runners these days? So have I….

All artwork is custom designed by Meaghan Fitzgerald for Strength Running (yep, my wife is an artist). Please share this if you think it’s cool!

Types of Runners Infographic

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  1. You forgot the predawn runner. In fact, you just gave me an idea, will shoot you a note.

  2. Like the props to Bryon’s book in the last one. Good stuff, jealous of the artistic ability!

  3. This is awesome! I love her work. The Gear Junkie could be me! I see she’s wearing a skirt. Hmmm…

  4. Theres definitely more than these 5 types…

  5. I love the massive soles on the newbie runner’s shoes. The pavement is out to get you!

  6. Really loved the caricatures, made me smile today :-). I think we all can think of more types of runners (i.e. the Night Owl), but not too many of us can do the work that Meaghan did. 🙂

    Thank you


  7. goo. =) I like that!

  8. Thanks everyone! There’s definitely more types of runners – your comments have already given us some more ideas… This was so much fun to create! I appreciate you noticing all the little details 🙂

  9. Love it! Great work Meaghan.

    Another common one unfortunately is the ‘Frustrated Injured Runner’.

    Throw in the ‘Naked Runner’ as well, really the opposite of ‘The Gear Junkie’.

  10. I’m curious to know which one you are?

    • Probably a combination of the trail runner and gear junkie. I think most people are combinations – but drawing out these caricatures are more fun. Which one are you?

  11. I guess I’m in bad shape if I’m a little bit of all of them… well, except for the Newbie 🙂

  12. How cute, I love the illustrations! I would be the trail runner.

  13. Great illustrations. She did forget however….

    “The injured runner”

    and also the

    “runs for bling and Schwag” runner. (Had dinner at a friend’s last night and was saddened to find that no one at the table (5 other runners) would consider running a Half Marathon if they didn’t get a finishers medal…I mean really?)