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Finding Inspiration: Recharging the Legs and Mind

Can you stay motivated to train for big goals year round?

Capitola Wharf

For most runners, it isn’t easy. The high mileage, intense workouts, and sacrifices that are inevitably made to enhance running take their toll after months of focus. You …

Who Runs More, Men or Women? The Sports Bras vs. Speedos Infographic

Let’s ask sweeping, sexist questions for a moment: do women run in more expensive shoes? Are men more inclined to race marathons? Who runs more?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions, look no further. This infographic shows …

The Runner’s Eating Guide: 9 Tips for Keeping Off the Pounds this Christmas

If you’re like me this Christmas, you’re going to indulge in the big desserts, flowing booze, and generous portions. ‘Tis the season.

Christmas FeastMost people accept that the holidays are a special time to eat a lot of crap and …

Strength, Variety, and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you a creature of habit?

Training Variations

I definitely am. My training is predictable even though I know the serious benefits of variety in any program. I run the same trails, do similar workouts from training cycle to training …

Becoming Indestructible: The Building a Better Runner Giveaway

Would you like to run more and train harder with fewer running injuries?

If you have a time goal for your next race or want to run in less pain, of course you want to train more consistently!

Strong Finish

Last …

November Training Journal – Something New (Q&A for you)

Every month on Strength Running I write a review of the previous month’s training – what worked, what didn’t, my failures and successes. My hope is that you can learn from my training to improve your own.

I’m going …

The Real World Benefits of Running: Outdoor Survival, Immune Function, and Other Fun

It was September, 2009. I was sleeping on a pile of leaves in a self-made shelter in the middle of rural Virginia. I hadn’t showered in two days and the steady diet of soup, beef jerky, and Powerbars had …

There Are No Secrets to Becoming a Faster, Healthier, More Consistent Runner

One of the perks of running this site is that I get to talk to runners all day, every day. We chat about training, injuries, racing, how to be more consistent, and the mental side of getting faster. I’m …