Becoming Indestructible: The Building a Better Runner Giveaway

Would you like to run more and train harder with fewer running injuries?

If you have a time goal for your next race or want to run in less pain, of course you want to train more consistently!

Strong Finish

Last week I spoke with coach Jay Johnson about his DVD series Building a Better Runner. Both volumes 1 & 2 have two DVD’s of preventive exercises, general strength routines, and warm-ups. I’m giving away a copy of both volumes.

Body-weight strength exercises and dynamic flexibility have become important cornerstones of my own training, allowing me to run for nearly three years injury-free and post a 5+ minute PR in the marathon recently in 2:39.

Many of my routines I’ve developed myself – like the Standard warm-up and the ITB Rehab Routine. But some are directly from Coach Jay – routines like Cannonball, Myrtl, and the Lunge Warm-up.

Specificity and General Strength

If you’ve read my favorite training book Run Faster by Brad Hudson, you may be wondering why I’m such an advocate for these supplemental exercises. In fact, Hudson doesn’t think runners need to do any weightlifting and very little core work. He says:

“Hill running is the only ‘weightlifting’ my runners do. They hoist no barbells or dumbbells. I believe in a very selective approach to cross-training…a little core-strength work goes a long way.”

While I believe in many of Hudson’s training principles, I don’t think runners should discount the importance of daily general strength. The potential gains are huge while the downsides are tiny or even nonexistent.

However, the rule of specificity still applies: to be a better runner, you have to run. You can’t lift weights, play volleyball, or do the elliptical for months and then expect to be a good runner. Like my favorite analogy states: Don’t plant carrots and expect to harvest potatoes. 

Let’s be clear: general strength work doesn’t make you fast, but it will allow you to run more and run harder. And that makes you faster in the long-term.

All of these exercises are extra or supplemental to the running you do. Coach Jay calls them ancillary in the Building a Better Runner series. Instead of taking the place of running, they’re added on top of your normal running.

The Case for Strong Distance Runners

My running was completely transformed once I consistently started adding daily strength and mobility work to my training. In my experience, this stuff works.

I used to get hurt every few months and was always nursing a small pain that limited my training. I had it all: plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, ITBS, arch pain, shin splints, and SI joint pain. My college years were plagued with these injuries because I was weak and I was only good at moving forward.

Gym workouts were skipped, I didn’t warm up for workouts, and preventive exercises were sporadic. If you asked me to do 10 lunges, I’d be sore for days (a true, pathetic story). Think about that: if you can’t do some lunges without getting sore, how can you run a race at a high effort without getting injured?

Now that I’m a convert to core work and strength exercises – my wife calls me a Core Whore, after all – I rarely have any pain that limits my training. I ran more than ever in 2010 and I owe my health almost exclusively to being a stronger runner.

My example can help you dramatically improve your own training if you understand two running principles:

  1. If you can train uninterrupted and with consistency, you will get faster.
  2. If you can run more and train harder over time, you will get faster.

General strength allows you to more easily accomplish these training principles; they’re your insurance policy against injury. The premises of these exercises are:

  1. Runners are good at forward motion (the sagittal plane of motion), but side to side (frontal plane) and rotational (transverse plane) motion are our weak areas. General strength routines increase our overall athleticism in these planes of motion so we can prevent more injuries and train more consistently.
  2. Strength exercises increase your endocrine (hormonal) profile. You’ll produce more testosterone and human growth hormone which will lead to faster recovery times and better performances. Since running is catabolic, which means it breaks you down, you need strength exercises since they’re restorative and strength-building.

Building a Better Runner: Details + Giveaway!

Going from a weak, clumsy runner into an athletic, strong runner will take time. But it’s actually not that difficult!

There’s a simple way to add more of these routines into your running: do something before your run and something after your run. If you can spend an extra 20 minutes a day on two routines, you’ll see real benefits in your training.

For most runners, a simple light strength routine plus some mobility exercises is a great warm-up. After you finish your running, a more demanding strength workout is best. In my experience, following up any strength routine with some flexibility work is the best way to warm-down.

So what are these routines? You might be familiar with Cannonball and Myrtl. You may also know the Standard Warm-up or ITB Rehab Routine.

The Building a Better Runner DVDs have over 100 exercises included in numerous routines. Each are packaged so you can follow along with the DVD and rarely take longer than ten minutes to complete.

You can do these routines anywhere and most don’t require any equipment- others you’ll need a medicine ball, a partner, or a simple pull up bar.  Volume 1 is great for beginners and includes a progression from general exercises to more specific, dynamic exercises. Volume 2 of the DVD series has more advanced exercises that you can progress to after you’ve gone through Volume 1.

Here’s a preview:

Want to win a copy of Volumes 1 and 2? I’ll mail it to you, free of charge. Here’s how to enter the giveaway and other details:

  1. Make sure you’re signed up for the Strength Running newsletter. Only subscribers are eligible.Building a Better Runner
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to win the DVD series.
  3. You have until 11:59pm on Thursday, 12/15 to leave your comment and enter.
  4. I’ll randomly select the winner and email you on Tuesday for your shipping info.

I’m passionate about helping runners prevent injuries and train more effectively, so I’m also emailing everyone who enters an exclusive 20% off discount code at the end of the contest. If you don’t get a free copy of Building a Better Runner, you can at least save some cash on the DVD series. I know the videos will help you be more consistent, so I want you to be able to take advantage of such a great resource.

I also want to thank Jay Johnson for providing the DVDs and discount code. I hope the winner enjoys Building a Better Runner and you take advantage of the 20% savings!

Questions? Email me at

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  1. Oh I’d totally love these DVDs. I do believe in strength training, and having a focused set specific to running would be beyond useful.

  2. Hi! through your site I found about coach Jay and having these dvd’s would give me new information to build up on the myrtle and cannonball routines which I already love to do…

  3. I’m dealing with some shin injuries at the moment, so anything to help prevent that in the future would be very helpful.

  4. These DVDs would be great, I’m a huge fan of your ITB rehab routine, helped me recover from that injury a lot faster.

  5. Just retweeted the giveaway as well! I currently subscribe to the newsletter.
    I’m mostly a trail runner and am training for Houston Marathon and am having issues transitioning from trails to pavement. My shins and calves seem to be the biggest problem and those are the two things along with ITB that I’ve battled anytime I hit the pavement for miles. I do resistance training twice a week, but would really love to be able to target my resistance training to where it will help strengthen my running as I need to be a healthier runner as I move into 2012 and longer Ultra distances!

  6. I would love to win these DVDs because I am a newer runner (just started in January 2011) and I am trying to figure out the best way to be able to run continuously w/o being injured. My last 11 months has been pretty good, but there have been a number of times where I had a sore joint or a messed up muscle that have caused me to take time off from running. I’ve been doing a number of Coach Jay’s GS routines, but am still trying to work out the best permanent “solution” for me. Thanks!

  7. Reasons to win? Who doesn’t want to be stronger and faster? I seemed to have reached a plateau in my training. After reducing my marathon PR by 99 minutes since February 2011 (three marathons) I feel stuck, unable to push it to the next level. I experience the same aches at about the same point in my runs which seem to suck the drive out of me. And post run I walk around like an old man more than I care for. I would welcome the opportunity to become a living, walking and breathing testament to the benefits of the program. And tomorrow is my birthday. Thanks for another great giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  8. Ryan Wachter says:

    I am a true believer in strength running since I followed it this past year and took 45 minutes off my marathon PR. Now I would love the DVD set to help with my next goal, qualifying for Boston!

  9. I’m already strength training but I need to focus my routine and optimize it for running, in order to meet my goal of qualifying for Boston.

  10. I am very interested in Coach Jays DVDs. Over the last 3 years my running has been littered with many injuries especially when I have been coming into good form (for myself). Over the last 3 months I have used some general strength exercises set out by Jay and yourself. This has enabled me to feel stronger, more flexible and recover quicker from running sessions. I have been sharing Jays and yourselves general strength exercises with other runners at my club and they have witnessed the same benefits. I would love the DVD to continue this new lease of life in my running and to share with others which will improve my knowledge this essential area of the sport.
    Thank you for this superb website and the running treats you are given away so far!


  11. I have found benefits in learning to bring strength training into my running schedule over the past month. I hit a wall about six weeks ago, with more soreness than I’ve ever experienced before. I have started doing some resistance training at the gym 3-5 times per week and I’m doing the ITB rehap routine at least 5 times per week and it’s amazing to see how much better I feel when I run!

  12. I would love to win these DVDs because this is the main area of running that I need to work on, and I have been trying SO hard to remain focused on it over the past few weeks. I have been pretty successful in doing so, but I think these DVDs would help tremendously. I need to gain weight and I want it to be in the form of muscle–so I can be stronger and faster!

  13. It seems that each time I reach a new plateau a new injury sidelines me for enough time to undo so much of hard work I’d been putting in. One example: I had a PR season in the spring shaving almost 4 minutes of my half marathon time (1:20:53) but led to a stress fracture in my right tibia. I’ve been rehabbing for months and am just now getting back to running regularly. I follow the incremental increase advise religiously (and periodize my workouts and training weeks), but once I strengthen and improve one area, there is always a new spot that is neglected, weak or underdeveloped and puts me on the bench. I can’t help but feel that I’m not able to reach my full potential as a runner if I continue to get sidelined by injuries that interrupt the long term accumulation and development of my training. Additionally, I read Coach Jay’s blog and think he’s a great coach and use his Myrtl and Canonball routines regularly.

    Regardless of whether I get picked or not, you should know that I appreciate all the excellent and informative writing you do on here! Keep it up Jason and congratulations on shattering your own marathon PR!

  14. Great giveaway! I definitely need to be doing more of this type of stuff. I’ve been dealing with some hip/groin stuff that I’m sure some strength training would help.

  15. These DVDs sound great. I’ve worked at adding dynamic warm ups and strength exercises to my routing in the last 6 months courtesy of your site. After battling some injuries earlier in the year, I’m back to running higher mileage like I want to be.

    Keep up the great work on the site. There is always something I learn when I visit.

  16. Heather Pierce says:

    I would love this set of DVDs. I’m a graduate student who got into running this year to help clear my mind and to really set some great, healthy goals. I ran and completed my 1st marathon in November with in 4:33. I am now recovering and can REALLY feel the effects of not being as strong or flexible as I could be. The idea of strength training and working on my core makes so much sense when it comes to running, but as I mentioned, I’m a graduate students and funds are pretty tight. I would be thrilled to win these DVDs and USE them 🙂

  17. This is great! I’ve been a Coach Jay believer for a long time and use the lunge matrix as part of my standard pre-run warmup and the pedastal as part of my cool down . I also preach the strength running mentality to all runners I work with, as I believe it is a critical part in being a better runner. Thanks for the giveaway – these videos will surely help someone!

  18. After initially making great strides in improving my running performance, I have suffered through two debilitating injuries that have prevented me from training consistently for the past two years. I now look forward to incorporating more strength training into my routine to help prevent any further injuries.

  19. Chris Starrs says:

    Count me in. These 45 year old muscles could use all the help they can get.

  20. All the Coach Jay videos I’ve seen have been very helpful to my development as a runner. When I trained for my first marathon, I kept getting injured. Now I build time into my schedule for a warm up, myrtl exercises, foam rolling, and core and strength exercises. I only know a handful of exercises, and would be delighted to win these DVDs (being indestructible sounds pretty awesome). Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I have a tendency to push too hard and injure myself. I’m trying to increase core strength so the videos would come in very handy.

  22. Tammy Hardy says:

    I’m a subscriber!! I NEED the DVD’s….I’m in a perpetual cycle of injury or so it seems. I have dreams of just running a decent, injury free marathon after two that were run with injuries. I need the help!!

  23. I would love to have the DVD. My first marathon last November was a disappointment, finished with a disappointing time of 5:25. I suffered cramping on my calves and quads that started at mile 15. Right now I am currently recuperating from ITBS. I want to train properly so I can rock my next full marathon PAIN FREE!!! It shouldn’t be this painful.

  24. I hadn’t combined strength training with running before until I read the Rebel Strength Guide. After dropping 3mins from my 10k time, I’m a convert. I’d love to know more and these DVDs sound perfect!

  25. What up Jason! Well first off gotta say I’m using your plan to prep for track season and its going smoothly. I have been doing a lot of strength work and looking up even more routines and this would be the perfect thing. I am a big fan of Jay and read his blog frequently and it would be totally awesome to get these DVDs. Have a great holiday season!

    …Oh yea and I do support an Alan Webb comeback you just wait!

  26. at the age of 56(195lbs) getting to do four 1/2 marathons each cutting time by a least 8 mins
    in each event
    an setting a PR for me in phlliy 1/2 1:59.16 i know i can do better

    i just need some help!!

  27. I would love this!

    I have a nagging hamstring injury from my last marathon in october, and even after taking time it really hasn’t gone away. ( I do need to become more liberal with my strenthening).

    I have my First Boston Marathon on the Horizon and I would really like to run somewhere around 2:50, but i need to get rid of this hamstring problem!

  28. I would love to win this series. I coach and train with girls who are college club athletes; most have never received formal training in how to run. This would be a great tool to use for myself and for them.

  29. I started running last spring. As I increase my distance and set loftier goals, I’d love to have these DVDs to halp me train properly and become a well-rounded runner.

  30. Moiz Jafferji says:

    These DVD’s would give me motivation to actually get some core work in.

  31. I’ll jump in. I am always up for trying new ways to improve, wether it is to be fitter, healthier, or just a better runner.

  32. Great article. I would love a chance to benefit from the DVDs.

  33. I would love. love. love. to win these DVDs. I had stopped running for 10 years and picked it back up again a little over a year ago. I’m currently training for a January marathon, but have been plagued with an IT band injury twice in 2 months. Obviously, I’m not doing something right if I’ve re-injured it so quickly. I’ve been working on strength exercises (which is how I found out about Strength Running!), so I’m hoping to be able to start training again in a week. Many thanks for this contest and the discount.

  34. This sounds like just the thing I need to take my strength training from a decent whole body experience to a powerfully running oriented program. Sign me up.

  35. I recently discovered your website while searching for information on plantar fasciitis (your post on that topic was excellent!). I have since started integrating your strength routines into my running and have noticed a big improvement in the PF. I would love to have these videos and make them a normal part of my running training.

  36. Hey Jason,

    I will give you two excellent reasons why I need these DVDs – I AM OLD AND SLOW!

    Seriously, thanks for this offer and all your hard work on SR. I may still be old and slow, but thanks in part to your help, I definitely am healthier and “knock on wood” I have had an…I am afraid to say it – don’t want to jinx myself.

  37. Joseph Ramaswami says:

    I just started following your blog. Thank you for sharing what you have learned about running.

    I am a former marathoner just returning to running. I recently ran a half-marathon and struggled with injuries throughout the training cycle. I would love a copy of the DVDs to make sure my next training cycle is injury free.

    The preview of the videos said many exercises are good for middle-grade children as well. It would be great to share these exercises with my young son, who is just discovering a love of running. Perhaps learning the exercises now could set him up for injury free running throughout his life.

  38. I would love to win these DVDs for both myself and for my new running partners. Although I have run some in the past, I know that I these videos would help me make big gains. In addition, I’ve also started a new job and have since recruited some of my department members to take up running; we are planning on running a half in the spring. I know that these DVDs would help to keep them injury-free and focused on our goal

  39. I want to get faster and be a better runner, but I also really don’t want to get hurt in the process. I know my natural inclination is to run hard to get better, so any and all knowledge that dissuades me from doing that is helpful, especially if it proves to me that a little bit of good training will produce better results than a lot of bad training.

  40. Always looking for new and creative ways to spice up a routine (and get faster along the way). I looked at these DVDs and considered buying them, and then I heard I could win them from this awesome website. Anyway I’d settle for a discount code!

  41. I want to win the DVDs too. Basically, all I can do is run in a straight line (and get hurt about every other month). Sounds like this could help.

  42. I would love the DVDs been running since jan 2011 and also had to d of injuries but since doing a few exercises and balance work at the gym recently I feel much better and confident going into 2012. I would love the DVDs to really help my running and to finish my next marathon under 4 hours. I flunked the 1st one so bad 4:10 but am capable of 19:24 5k recently.

  43. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been pretty beat up lately and need to find ways to make me more resistent to injury – this DVD sounds like what I need!

  44. Josh Camson says:

    These sound pretty great. You know me, I hate all those skinny wimpy looking runners!

  45. Roger DeHaan says:

    I am in my low 50’s and have recently decided that I am not happy just plodding along. I have started to train harder but I want (and need) to train smarter! I have recently found your site and believe that your site and also the DVD’s can really help me in my goals.


  46. i’ve been in a running rut for a couple months now….would love to check out these videos!

  47. wow, I guess this post is gonna receiving a loooot of comments 😀
    I think these routines (and DVDs) are really the key for those which from times to times struggle with injuries. Of course the most important thing, as with running itself, is consistency. I have followed strictly a strengthening program, also based on Matt’s ITB Rehab Routine, and I am back running since some months, enjoying every single km (or mile…) 😉
    This for saying “these sort of things actually work, believe it or not”.
    I’ll cross the fingers for the DVDs…

  48. Id love the dvds

  49. I like DVDs.. And running.

  50. I’ve been starting to encorporate some of Jay’s workouts from the videos posted on Running Times. Having the DVDs would be great!

  51. I would love this DVD!!
    I am new to your site and have only been running off and on for 2 years with LOTS of down time due to injuries 🙁 I found your site while trying to find exercises for my ITB, at the time I had been in rehab for ITB 3 times a week for almost 4 months and it was costing me a fortune with very little improvement. I took 6 weeks off from running and only did your ITB rehab routine and a little core workout. I am happy to announce that I am now 4 weeks back running with NO pain!!! I am taking it slow, and MORE than THRILLED with my results. THANK YOU!

  52. I love running but this is nervewracking – I’ve accepted the challenge to run my first ever marathon! I figure if I’m gonna make it I could do with some help from you guys… please…give me STRENGTH!!

  53. Diana Mikulka says:

    I’ve adapted some of Coach Jay’s Myrtl workout for my arthritic hip. I’m a 55 year old female and between the Myrtl and converting to the more natural running style, for the first time in years my hip no longer burns when I run and no longer gets stiff when I sit at the office too long!! My doctor told me I had arthritis and left it at that! Coach Jay may have prevented me from having a hip replacement for maybe another 20 years or maybe never! I’m finally starting to be able to run not slog! These DVDs are great for ANYONE! Not just the young and speedy!!! Want more Coach Jay!!! Yeaahhh!!

  54. I am training for my first marathon and as the mileage has increased so have the little aches and pains. I have been battling to keep them at bay and I need all the help I can get. With these DVD’s I can focus on building up strength to help me finish my first (and hopefully not last) marathon. Pick me!

  55. I’m desperately in search of an injury proofing training plan to see me through my marathon training plan.

  56. robin warnberg says:

    I’d love to have a copy of these! I’m 45 and began running less than 3 years ago. I’ve completed 2 half-marathons and will focus 2012 on training for the full distance. Disney 2013 here I come! These DVDs would help my journey!

  57. To become a better and stronger runner!

  58. I would love to win these DVDs. I’ve just started doing more of the “extra” stuff and I’m already seeing and feeling a difference.

  59. Wayne Wilson says:

    I recently got referred to your site and would love to win the DVDs. I just ran my first marathon and fought some injuries toward the end of my training. I know I need to build my strength but don’t know what is the best strength program to compliment my running. If these DVDs and your site can get me started down the right path, I came to the right place…

  60. Hey Jason. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your site! As a runner who has started and quit running twice in the past after injury (going on the shelf for YEARS each time!), I’m determined to NOT quit this time now that I am rehabbing from yet another set of issues developed from mostly “just running”. During this recovery/rehab, learning about Strength Running and incorporating your regiment/s as well as some of Coach Jay’s, I feel better equipped to not have this cycle of injuries continue. Getting these DVD’s (through contest or discount), and using them to develop habits to build my core strength and dynamic flexibility will give me the best chance of mirroring your record of training more & harder, staying injury-free and posting some dope PRs…at least for me 🙂 Bring on 2012, the year of the PR!

  61. Only been running for 4 years but seems to be getting every possible running injury although with some advise from your blog, Coach Jay, Husdon and Fitzgerald this year is going much better.

  62. I seem to get injured about 3 months into every long race goal that I set. I am now convinced that strength training is a big missing piece of the puzzle. Maybe these DVDs can build me into a better runner!

  63. Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to have them and i am far from indestructible

  64. I am a high school runner and every off-season I get into better and better shape, only to get injured. I need to find a way to get stronger to prevent injury! These DVDs could have information that would help me eliminate these persistent injuries.

  65. I’m a subscriber and would love to utilize these DVDs to take my training to another level — more PRs, better overall training, something to help me educate others … I could go on and on.

  66. I just subscribed! What a great giveaway! As one who struggles with ITBS and hip pain – I know I love the Myrtl technique and would love other exercises that will help with my running!

  67. Hello!

    This is amazing. I’m a new-ish ‘runner’ and am looking to build my body to run faster and run easier. 2012 is the year of my first half marathon … this DVD workout would be a huge deal for me!

    Thanks for all you do!

  68. I’ve just started running a couple of months and I really want to achieve my goal, run a 10K race by next year, any help is more than welcome!

  69. Mark Murray says:

    Hi, would love this DVD as I am currently struggling with injury and training for london marathon.

  70. Billy Brown says:

    Started to run seriously for the first time since the early 90’s and at age 52 I do worry about injury and who to listen to. There are plenty of voices to pick from but I am just unsure of who to ” hear “! I have advanced from barely making it two miles in 24:00 ( and having to stop to catch my breath ) to running 14 miles in 2:02:54 with no stops. I feel like I have reached the point where I need to find a ” program ” or mentor in advanced running. It may sound absurd but I desire to run a marathon in 2013 and to do it in as much less than 3 hours as possible. I know it may only be a dream but I see it as a goal that I will achieve! Hope that explains my interest in your give away! Thanks for ” listening”.

  71. I have been running for 5 years and only recall getting through two 18 week training sessions preparing for marathons without some kind of injury. I spend hours on the internet researching best practices to eliminate running injuries, and just cant seem to get it right. I have been working on your it band exercises for 3.5 months, but still not able to put in any significant mileage. I am to the point of giving up running because of the constant injuries that seem to plague me. I realize runners over 45 yr of age you can expect some issues, but seriously! I would appreciate the opportunity to try out these DVD’s.

  72. Everytime I try to get faster, I get hurt! This sounds like exactly what I need 🙂

  73. I have used a few of Coach Jays routines, but using the phone and you tube is no fun. I will say that when I have used a few of the routines, I have noticed that my flexability has gotten better, but my soreness and recovery are much better. I ran a 1/2 in October and cramped up real bad. Was very sore for several days, but started the Myrtl routine and I not only completed the Savanah R n R 1/2, but ran my best time in nearly a year. I was also able to run the next day with out any lingering effects. Great stuff Thanks

  74. If you ship to Canada, I’d love to have them. I run alone, no coach, no club, no running buddies, and sometimes even with lengthy explanations or diagrams I find it hard to understand how things are done without being able to actually watch — DVDs would help with this. “Weak and clumsy” describes me perfectly, unfortunately. I need to change that.

  75. After running for just 1 year, my husband took me out to run my first marathon. it was slow, and only pain kilers got me through my ITB issues but it was one of the best and bravest things i’ve ever done. He, after running distance for just a few years (with 2 marathons under his belt – including a very slow one run by my side) is signed up for the Northface 100 in Australia next May. We are both nervous about that one! Which means i will train for my second Marathon in order to share his journey. One could say we need all the help we can get!

  76. Running injuries are funny. My brother has very sporadic and non-regimented training and can run 12 to 15 marathons a year without injury. I’ll stick to training calendars and listen to my body and still get injured. Would love to win the dvd’s to get back what I’ve lost the last couple months due to injury. Hoping to start 2012 strong(er)

  77. I would love a copy. I am a former runner who has got back into it after a decade off because I was always frustrated with injuries. I also have got my daughter (11ys old) into running and working with her to make sure she has proper form and strength unlike I had back when i was younger.

  78. Michael De Vito Jr. says:

    Hey there. I am new to the site and newly appointed as a coach for Team in Training.
    I feel that this DVDs would allow me to help hundreds of new runners training for their first long distance events with TNT!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  79. Great giveaway, Jason! Always looking for ways to supplement my running. The DVDs could help me rise to the next level.

  80. Robin Baron says:

    Dear Jason,
    I’m 56 years old and fell in love with running 4 years ago. Last year I ran my first full marathon and would love to run the Marine Corp Marathon with my son-in-law, a captain in the army. Unfortunately I have not been able to run at all in 2011 due to rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. I also learned I have erosive osteoarthritis in my feet, hands, as well as my shoulders.
    I miss my early morning runs and am going to try to get back to running come January 2012. Any help these DVD’s offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Have a wonderful holiday,

  81. Paul Field says:

    I’d love these DVDs because I’ve been injured (peroneal tendinitis) since November 2010. Over 12 months! I am now making a return to running – currently up to a whopping 20mins every other day – but I’d like to add some insurance to make sure I don’t get injured again. I don’t think I could take that!

  82. I would like to win because I’m coming off of an ITBS injury. I found this website while I was forced to take the time off, and it really opened my eyes to the importance of consistent strength training. I’m just starting to run again, and having these DVD’s would allow me to strengthen the key parts of my body that are not used when I run so that I can enjoy my running and not have to worry about injuries and taking more time off.

  83. I’ve done weight work in the past, with integrated core components. I’ve seen it help me get faster and stronger (like in the hills). I’d love to look at it from a running-focused perspective, especially from one who trains runners, and see what I can find to integrate into my training. Love the site – hope the randomizer picks me.

  84. Jim in Maine says:

    I would appreciate and use these DVDs … as it is I now spend as much time performing non-running exercises attempting to stay healthy and fairly injury free as I do running – and to that end, I am gaining in endurance but not in speed. Appreciate your efforts at sharing solid information and knowledge …

  85. I would love these DVDs! I don’t have time for long supplemental workouts so these 10-20 minute drills would be great for my running. Great giveaway!

  86. I’d love these DVDs, as I have been out for four months with a knee injury, and I need to build up the strength I lost during that time! I also want to recover and never have another injury like this.

  87. These DVD’s would be fantastic to own. I have the standard warm up and all of the other strengthening sketches done by Fitz’s wife already on my desktop and I’m very committed to them which has permitted me to run injury free since February, logging about 2,500 miles in the process which is only the beginning. These DVD’s could take it to the next level in terms of my commitment to strengthening and speed!

  88. Wow! When you described what drove you to strength and mobility training, I thought you had somehow read my training log. This past year has been punctuated by injury, then training. Once recovered from injury and then recovered baseline, training was aggressive and solid. then another injury. Your narrative has me wondering whether the cause for most of the injuries was a lack of overall strength and mobility.
    But, I don’t really know exactly what to do to improve my strength. My sons advocate weightlifting, but I am with you and would rather make the muscles I have lean, strong over time using body weight and improve degrees of mobility, especially in my hips and legs, as well as upper body.
    These dvds would provide that guidance and I look forward to using them.

    Thanks Jason.

  89. I’ve had stress fractures, ITBS, runners knee, knee surgery, and plenty of rolled ankles and I’m still pretty young. I would love to get this DVD set so I can get fully healthy and just run!

  90. These DVDs would be just the kick-in-the-pants to help me progress in my running. Thanks!

  91. Sally Fraser says:

    I love your Strength Running site and I love Coach Jay, double bonus for me! I would love to have the DVD set to keep me running strong!

  92. Jonathan Z says:

    I love your blog. I have been going to a physical therapist with an ankle injury. I’d love to get this DVD to improve my strength and reach my goal of PRing in the Marathon and Half-Marathon this year.

  93. Hello,

    My injury file is as thick as a novel! I definitely need to include more strength training for injury prevention!

    Take care

  94. Matt Fitzgerald says:

    I’m 43 and run 8-10 marathons a year as well as ultras. As I continue to challenge my body I’m always looking for ways to minimize injuries and maximize recovery and conditioning. I appreciate all I’ve learned from your website thus far!

  95. I started using your Standard Warmup a month ago and I have NEVER felt better (or run as fast) as I am right now!! I’m pretty much a novice, but training for my first 10k and I love your site – you’ve already helped me a lot – you have a new fan 🙂

  96. What a great giveaway!

  97. Jason, thanks for your disciplined efforts to share what you’ve learned and has worked in your training. I share the same passion for getting good information in the hands of those who would use it in the pursuit of their goals. You can be assured that the DVD series will be shared with many here in the midwest as we prepare for our respective spring races including the USATF Masters Indoor National Championships being held in nearby Bloomington, IN this March.

    Thanks for all you do and God Speed.

  98. Jeremy Haddock says:

    I have been dealing with some plantar fasciitis and possible Achilles tendinitis (both self diagnosed) for the last several months. It has never been completely debilitating so I keep running but I would like to get rid of it for good and build myself into a more injury free runner so I can continue to get out and run on a consistent basis to improve.

  99. Holy a lot of comments. Look how many fans you have! I can’t blame them. 🙂 You know I want this DVD. Just give me the discount code so I can buy it already. lol Jay Johnson is wonderful. I’m so glad you are doing this.

  100. As I begin to train for my first full marathon staying injury free and being able to stay on track is important! These DVD’s seem to be an awesome resource to do just that!

    Thanks again for all your efforts to help all of us who want to keep running!


  101. I use some form of Coach Jay’s exercises every time I run, a DVD set would be awesome! Thank you for all the great info you send out.


  102. Lloyd Sifford says:

    Enjoy you site. Count me in for the giveaway.

  103. Great site, great giveaway. Injuries are frustrating, depressing and slow you down! I need these DVDs to fight back my runners knee that I’ve dealt with for the past 2 yrs. Thanks for your work!

  104. Great giveaway! I’ve found the Myrtl routine helpful and am eager to learn more on how to make myself indestructible!

  105. Been running for about 6 months and have recently started adding strength training. Would love to have this as a resource.

  106. Matt Grant says:

    After a few years of running on and off, 2011 has been my first solid year. I’d quite like the DVDs since I am trying to catch up to (and hopefully surpass) my older brother who introduced me to running but has always out done me in any physical activity. Hopefully the DVDs will help me stay injury free so I can put in the miles to pull out in front, or just be able to run more which would be nice too.

  107. I started running last year after going from a three sport athlete in high school to a couch potato that couldn’t run a mile in under ten minutes. In this first year, I completed two marathons with the second being last week where I set a personal best of 3:31:11. I decided that my next goal would be to run a sub-3 hour marathon by the end of next year. I think it’s possible and I think this DVD series would help me reach my goal.

  108. Erin Ritola says:

    I would love these DVDs – I have been working on trying to incorporate more strength and mobility exercises into my regular routine. I know they are beneficial and I am completely paranoid about injury, but I am struggling to consistently build strength and mobility into my regular workouts. A lot of it, I think is because I just don’t know what to do – I think having the DVDs as a guide would make a huge difference.

  109. This would be a great Christmas gift that would allow me, my family and my running group become better runners and better athletes! Merry Christmas!!

  110. I love giveaways. Thanks for the offering. I’d love to win because I like learning to improve running and getting faster.

  111. I recently added body weight training to my workout plan. Having exercises that are more running focused would be great. Thanks for your posts, I enjoy them.

  112. I’ve started running late in life and wish I found it earlier. I’m doing my first half marathon in Feb. and these will help me be a better runner. Thank you

    • 🙁 Sorry Sharline, the giveaway ended last Thursday night. If you’re signed up for the newsletter, you’ll have a chance later this week to save 20% on the DVDs though!

  113. anything that would allow me run without the seemingly continuous niggling injuries would be wonderful. this method seems to add another element to the usual stretching and strengthening exercises.


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