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I’m Publishing a Book: 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner

I have a big announcement: I’m publishing a book for the Kindle!

101 Ways to be a Better Runner

What started as a blog post evolved into an expansive ebook for the Kindle reader. And I’m thrilled to announce today that it will be available soon.

Update: The book is now available on Amazon or as an instant download here!

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner: A Short Guide to Running Faster, Preventing Injuries, and Feeling Great is a glimpse into my head, showing you what I think on every conceivable running topic: barefoot running, strides, weight loss, tea (yes, tea), the marathon, shoes, nutrition and diet, partying, race strategy, and more.

It will be priced inexpensively to make it more accessible for people who want to improve their running. If you implement just a few of the strategies in the book, I know you’ll dramatically feel better as a runner. And you’ll probably run a lot faster, too.

So, why’d I write this book?

One day at a large book store, I started looking for a book that summarized the best training tips into easily read and actionable pieces of advice. But after a long search, I found that if a runner wanted a quick read on running’s “best practices,” they were out of luck. I decided to change that. The book is actionable and is meant to give you simple ways to improve (hence the title) without any fluff.

It’s 14 years of running lessons distilled into 102 (I know, more than the title!) easily implemented training tips. You’ll find lessons about performance improvement, racing, diet, and injury prevention. No matter how experienced you are as a runner, you’ll learn something to improve your training and reach your goals.

Keep in mind that every piece of advice in the book has been tested on me, with the runners I coach, or is being used among the top runners in the country at the elite level. None of this is pure theory. Many of the strategies helped me run 2:39 in the marathon (over 5 minutes faster than my previous race) and stay injury-free for three years and counting.

Interested? Here’s how to get it…

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner isn’t available yet – it’s still being formatted and finalized. As soon as it’s ready I’ll let my private list know about it first with an exclusive giveaway. If you want in for the private giveaway, do that here or in the sign-up box in the sidebar on your right. It’s my way of thanking my readers who have trusted me with their email address.

I want to thank every single one of you who reads SR and supports this great community of runners who take action and improve their running. You are why I do this!

But there’s more… Do you want your question answered in the book?

Since the book is not 100% done, there’s still a chance to help me shape what’s inside. Do you have a particular question about running that you’d like answered? Maybe…

  • What’s the best running form?
  • Can I still party and be a good runner?
  • How can I plan a better race strategy?
  • What’s the best way to increase my mileage?

Let me know in the comments section on this post. I’ll try to include everything as best as I can – so this book will specifically help you and answer your questions!

Remember, the giveaway is only available to my private newsletter readers so sign up if you want to enter.

More details to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned…

Update: 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner is now available for the Kindle or as an instant PDF.

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