Run Your BQ is Open! 6 New Updates since February

Today is like Christmas (at least for running nerds like me): Run Your BQ is open for new members!

If you want some more info on the program and the updates we’ve been making over the last two months, read on. If you want to rip open the wrapping paper right now and learn more, just click here to join our free marathon course.


A snapshot of our forums – with over 70 threads and new posts every day

Run Your BQ is a coaching and marathon community dedicated to the goal of helping you qualify for the Boston Marathon. In the program, you’ll find:

  • 27 videos on strength exercises, dynamic stretches, warm-up routines, and coaching tutorials
  • 44 lessons in 12 Modules on Recovery & Injury Prevention, Diet, Race Day Strategy, and more
  • An active forum with 200 marathoners who share YOUR goals
  • Monthly live video chats with Matt and myself to ask your personal questions

RYBQ isn’t a static site – it’s always growing. Our goal is to continue developing the site into the premier marathon training program online – helping you reach your goals every step of the way.

We’ve added a lot of new things since the last time it was open. Our 200+ current members have seen the addition of:

  • Updated training plans with simple instructions and a Legend for all abbreviations
  • Three new lessons on dealing with soreness, dynamic stretches, and strength work
  • An all-new beginner training plan
  • Improved navigation
  • Videos of our last two live Coach’s chats
  • Increased load speed of every video in our Video Vault

And there’s a lot more to come. We’re rolling out improvements and new additions as quickly as we can so you’ll always be getting more marathon training advice and a better experience inside RYBQ.

But you may be wondering – how are the current members running? Good question…

“I took 40 seconds off my 5k PB and I felt like I ran no harder than any other week”

Last February, over 200 runners joined us inside Run Your BQ and we’ve been holding live video chats and talking daily in our forum.

Many have since run personal bests in events from the 5k to the marathon. I’m so proud of our first group and what they’ve been able to accomplish. Here’s feedback from Tim directly from our forum thread on “small wins:”

“My win today was actually massive. I took 40 seconds off my 5k pb. And it all came through reading one tip on here about running form. I felt like I ran no harder than any other week and actually felt like I was flying. Before now, I thought that running faster was about effort. I now know that improving technique will be just as, if not more, important!” – Tim C.

Then there’s Aaron, who absolutely crushed his PR at the Paris Marathon:

“Okay, I just ran the Paris Marathon, and feel I have to report this.
– PB of 3:08:53, a big 10 minute PB since Berlin 6 months ago
– A Good For Age place in next year’s London Marathon (sub 3:10 time required)
– Only 3:53 outside of my required BQ time. At least it’s better than 14 minutes out before I ran Paris.

Ran the first half in 1:34 flat, so just a teeny positive split in the second, and also not too much faster from my HM effort two weeks ago. Was planning on running 1:35, but felt good up till mile 18 where I REALLY had to grind to stay on target pace. But I think if I didn’t build up that small time cushion I wouldn’t have run sub 3:10 at Paris!” – Aaron C.

The best part of this awesome feedback is that Tim and Aaron aren’t outliers – the majority of RYBQ members are feeling great, running faster, and are much more consistent in their training.

It’s not always about the massive personal records and monster training that you run to reach your goals. It’s the feeling of satisfaction you have about a job well done. It’s knowing you gave your best and dedicated yourself to a worthy goal.

When you want to run a good marathon – and feel good doing it – Run Your BQ is there to support you. Whether it’s getting your questions answered live by myself or Matt or talking to one of hundreds of other runners in the forum, we’re there for you.

Just look at what Karen told me:

“Lo and behold!! Faster times, faster recovery, longer mileage…no injury (crossing my fingers)…a complete turnaround.  I used to do my long runs with an 11:30/mi pace—now down to 10:40-11:05/mi even for my 20 milers. Slowly but surely!!

Your program has already helped me *immensely*. I love it that I can post a question and get support from my fellow RYBQ-ers plus get expert advice from you [Jason] and Matt. Thank you!! – Karen P.

You’re welcome Karen 🙂

When you join Run Your BQ, you’ll get immediate access to the entire site – plus our thriving forum that’s helped hundreds of runners get answers to their running questions. Get ready to feel better, run faster, and challenge yourself with our workouts, strength exercises, and training plans that really work.

Plus, you don’t risk a penny – we have a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy. Just give us the word and we’ll give you all your money back and even eat the credit card processing fee. That’s because we know you’ll absolutely love Run Your BQ (and our tiny refund percentage proves it).

Join us today and transform your running. You’ll never know how much more you can love running if you don’t try.

Click here to learn more about Run Your BQ and join the team!

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