The Runner’s Manifesto: 18 Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Running and Life

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage.” – George Patton

Runner's Manifesto

It doesn’t matter if you’re slow, fast, thin, overweight, just starting, or a veteran of the sport – you’re a runner.

It’s simple: if you run, you’re a runner.

Running makes us better as individuals not just by improving our health, but by making us patient, perseverant, and confident.

Running is even more powerful when we band together. There’s strength in numbers and our pre-conceived notions about our abilities are often shattered.

We’re all runners. Some of us just need inspiration to keep running.

May this be our rallying cry to find the runner in all of us!

The Runner’s Manifesto

  1. Good runners take action. Stop thinking you’ll get in shape “some day.”
  2. Set stretch goals with a plan to accomplish them.
  3. Forget what others think. Run true to yourself.
  4. But also value small goals (they’re what make the big goals possible).
  5. Do everything you can to stay healthy – injuries prevent progress.
  6. Learn what keeps you motivated and do everything you can to include more of that in your life.
  7. Running more will usually help you run faster.
  8. Know your limitations and respect your body.
  9. If those around you sap your motivation or question your goals, change whom you choose to hang around.
  10. Stop wasting time doing things that aren’t important.
  11. Do the little things: sleep, diet, strength exercises, self-massage. It’s all important.
  12. You’re capable of a lot more than you think.
  13. Run more trails – they’re good for the body and mind.
  14. A little bit of barefoot running goes a long way. Be sensible.
  15. Running is fun. Always enjoy yourself.
  16. A strong community can help you realize your potential. Join Daily Mile, Fitocracy, or Run Your BQ.
  17. Success requires patience and a long-term outlook.
  18. Embrace the process. Every step you take brings you closer to your goals.

Here’s a fun version:

Runner's Manifesto

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Each of us has a strong, vibrant runner inside waiting to break free. Unleash your inner runner and do something great.

What are you waiting for?

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Special thanks to Scott for the inspiration for this post.

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