The Most Unique Holiday Gifts for Runners

It seems like every health and fitness site is publishing a Holiday Gift Guide to help their readers find useful gear and gifts.

And it’s the same stuff: running shoes! running books! heart rate monitor!Holiday Gift Guide

I get bored reading them because nothing is new, unique, or compelling.

So today I’m doing something different.

Instead of just highlighting products that you could find at any store, I’m going to include gifts that are either:

  1. Fully customized for the recipient – no more “cookie-cutter” gifts
  2. Discounted to help you save cash

A normal holiday gift guide can be boring. How many times can you give the runner in your life running shoes or a foam roller?

So the goal is to help you find the most unique presents possible – while also considering your budget. And if you’re like me, you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping…

I hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Test your blood to figure out what your weak areas might be! A “selfie from the inside” this comprehensive blood test will show you where your nutrition or biomarkers might be deficient.

Use code strengthrunning at to save 20% on ANY of their blood testing kits.

Plus, InsideTracker offers suggestions on how to lift or lower your results into your unique, optimal range.

Get a Doc that’s a Runner

SteadyMD provides a concierge primary care physician experience to hard-charging runners.

With no copays, office visits, lines, or waiting, SteadyMD is there for you when you need your doctor. Plus, your doctor will be a runner that understands your training, injuries, and goals!

Check out the details here to see if they have any availability.

Personalized Training Plan

The ultimate, custom-made gift: a training plan built specifically to a runner’s unique fitness level, hectic schedule, racing calendar, and injury profile.PR Race Plan

I’ve written hundreds of PR Race Plans for all kinds of runners:

  • Beginners who use a run-walk method to get in shape
  • Sub-3 marathoners
  • Ultramarathoners running their first 50-mile race
  • Army fitness test cadets, first-time 5k runners, and more

Whatever your goal or situation, a training plan can be customized to your specific needs to help you run faster, stay more consistent, or get in better shape.

Questions? Just email me and let’s chat.

See what other runners like you have to say about the PR Race Plan here.

Still Want More?

As you can see, I love quirky gifts that show you thought hard about the runner in your life. So try a blood kit or a personal training plan and stop getting gift certificates to Foot Locker (not cool).

But if you want a more mainstream idea, I highly recommend a top-notch running book. Where else can you get hours of running instruction from seasoned coaches and world class runners for the price of a cocktail?

Of course, I highly recommend 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner since I wrote it (shameless plug), but there are a lot of other great books.

Here is my personal, curated list of running books.

No matter what you choose to get your favorite runner (or yourself) this year, have fun and remember that no food, shoe, or book will make you faster. Only hard work does that.

Happy Holidays!!

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