Coming Soon: The Strength Running Boot Camp

Over the last few weeks, you’ve learned specific strategies to:

  • Turn bad runs into successful workouts using the Plan B Technique
  • Avoid the Try Everything, Try Nothing Approach so you can stop spinning your wheels and start improving
  • Implement consistency in your running (it’s the secret sauce of good training)
  • “Stop thinking and start running”
  • Identify your barriers and implement “systems” to help you finally reach your goals

Today, I’m taking it up a level. And I’m inviting you to join.

Announcing: The Strength Running Boot Camp

SR Boot Camp

Too many runners complain that they can’t get out of bed in the morning to do their tempo or struggle with completing their speed workouts.

Eating healthy with less processed food is a main goal for thousands of runners – but how many have made significant progress this year?

Instead of “trying harder” (one of my biggest pet peeves), using proven systems is far more effective at creating actual change in your life.

The Strength Running Boot Camp harnesses the power of a system to help you make running a habit that sticks. You won’t have to always try to always fit your runs in – the SR Boot Camp will show you how to make your workouts something you just do, so you can focus on more important things like getting faster, being a better role model for your kids, or losing weight.

The SR Boot Camp is a 4-week course focusing on habit change, motivation, injury prevention, and advanced training strategies. Every day, a new lesson will be delivered straight to your inbox. But this course is far more than a daily email:

1. Video lessons that explain how to make running effortless, get more done in a day than you normally do in a week (so you have more time to run), and detailed running tutorials.

2. Regular “workouts” – action steps that build on the material and make you implement the step-by-step strategies you’re learning every day.

3. Downloadable worksheets that force you to take action and use the information in the lessons.

What the Boot Camp is NOT

The SR Boot Camp is not running porn. If you fail to take action and use the lessons in the course, you won’t benefit. That’s like going to class but staring out the window. If you’re not willing to take action and implement the course materials, I don’t want you as a pioneer member.

It is not a specific training plan. If you’re looking for workouts, custom-built training, or a personal program for an upcoming race, this won’t help. I have something else that will.

This isn’t a military-style, hardcore, yelling in ALL CAPS type course. If we’ve chatted on Skype, you know that’s not my style. Instead, it’s just effective strategies for developing the habit of consistent, injury-free running so you can accomplish your goals.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. If you have no problem being consistent with your mileage, workouts, and the “little things” like strength workouts and dynamic warm-ups, the SR Boot Camp won’t help much. You’re already a Consistency Master!

Who the SR Boot Camp is For

I’ve designed this course for runners who struggle with that inner voice who tells them to quit, to skip their strength work, or to stay in bed in the morning. If you can’t seem to do your intervals or cross-training, this course is for you.

If you need a nudge to kickstart your running and develop it into a real habit that sticks, this course is your answer. The Boot Camp will help you take action and take control of your running in 4 weeks. Just 28 days later, you’ll be a whole new runner.

So if you think you could benefit from daily emails on why I encourage you to be cocky, how to “snowball” momentum, and how to build the foundation of good running form, I’d love to have you as one of the course’s pioneer members.

Opening Next Week

For those who are committed to their running and ready to transform how they approach training, you’ll finally have a course designed specifically to show you how running more consistently can be effortless. Once you join, it’s just 4 weeks until a lifetime of consistent running.

SR Boot camp

Next week, the SR Boot Camp will officially open and accept new members into its pioneer class.

BUT, it will open privately – and at a discounted price – to my newsletter readers several days early. If you want to get in before anyone else and save some dough, make sure you’re on the list.

This course is something I’ve never done before and it’s long overdue. Many a night I’m unable to sleep, anxiously worrying about runners who don’t have enough motivation and will get another injury because of poor training habits. It takes years off my life!

So it excites me to offer daily lessons on how to consistently build your fitness and finally make progress with your running. If you’re ready to feel stronger, more powerful, and excited about your running, I can’t wait to share the boot camp with you.

Jump on the list here or in the box below and you’ll get more information soon.

And ask yourself, “When was the last time I spent money on improving my running, rather than gear that’s fun but wont help me improve?”

EDIT: The Boot Camp is now open! See all the details on the Boot Camp page here.

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