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“What’s the best post-run recovery techniques?” Injury Prevention and Recovery Q&A with Mario Fraioli

Before I start… Did you know Strength Running is becoming one of the largest running blogs around thanks to you? I’m humbled!

Technorati is a site that ranks blogs and to make sure that I’m the owner of SR, …

Confusing What “Can” Work with What Works Best: Revisiting Crossfit Endurance

Last week I posted an article that shows why CrossFit Endurance is not an effective training program for runners.

If you haven’t read it yet then you should before reading this post.CrossFit

I received a lot of criticism and …

Advice from the Pro’s on How to Pace Your Next Race

There are countless ways to run a race. Should you run even splits or a negative split? What if you’re trying to run a new PR?


Last year I wanted racing advice from the best – Olympic Trials qualifiers, …

CrossFit Endurance: The Best Way to Hack Endurance or a Total Sham?

The claims are bold: run less mileage with more intensity (and a lot of lifting) to race faster. But does it work?


That’s the million dollar question. Is CrossFit Endurance (CFE) an effective training program for runners?

Here’s …

I Won a Marathon! (Plus Another Almost Unbelievable Announcement)

It’s true: last Sunday, I won the Potomac River Run Marathon in 2:50:27.

Before you think that this is super impressive, know that it was a small local race capped at a mere 350 runners. So I didn’t …

Jessica’s 34 Minute Half Marathon PR (with no injuries)

The biggest lie I hear runners say is, “Coaching is just for fast people.” Ha!

JessicaToday I want to share a story about Jessica, a 28 year old runner from Colorado. While she knew she wasn’t very …