“What’s the best post-run recovery techniques?” Injury Prevention and Recovery Q&A with Mario Fraioli

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I’m an admitted running geek. In fact, I’m currently reading an anatomy book – for fun. Fine-tuning muscular stiffness is fascinating.

And over the years, I’ve soaked up a lot of wisdom from the world’s best coaches, runners, and trainers. All this knowledge was useful when I took the USA Track & Field coaching certification test (scoring a 96.5 #boom!).

But sometimes it comes back to bite me in the ass because I have a hard time coming up with good running questions.

How the hell do I know what questions you have about running?

I don’t have a crystal ball – but I have the next best thing: surveys. If you subscribe to SR, you know that I’m always asking for your input. Runners like you actually shape the articles and videos here so it’s exactly what you need.

My goal is to make this blog rival Runner’s World. Hey, I can dream right?

Last week I was fortunate to interview Mario Fraioli about injury prevention, how to optimize recovery after hard workouts, and the difference between soreness, fatigue, and pain.

And what makes this interview special is that I didn’t come up with a single interview question. Every topic was submitted by one of my email readers. After almost every question, Mario says, “that’s a good question!”

So indeed, this interview is for you, by you.

Mario Fraioli Discusses Injuries – And More

Running Injury

Mario is a collegiate cross country All-American, 2:28 marathoner, and a Senior Editor at Competitor Magazine. He’s interviewed pros like Ryan Hall and Adam Goucher, in addition to being the 2012 Costa Rican Men’s Marathon coach.

Mario is the author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training and is the coach of a local women’s running group in San Diego.

Fun fact: Mario and I have raced against one another several times in college and afterward. I’ve never beaten him.

With an accomplished running, coaching, and professional career, I listen hard to Mario’s answers because he’s one of the brightest minds in the running world today.

And now, you can hear him answer some of your toughest questions.

In this new interview you’ll learn the answers to:

  • Are hill sprints or uphill running damaging for the joints for overweight runners? How do you run them safely?
  • Is it better to take the day off after a race or go for a short, easy run?
  • How can I tell the difference between soreness and fatigue vs. pain that could get me injured?
  • What’s your favorite post-run recovery technique?
  • I have a decent 10k time but I can’t run my predicted marathon time. How do I boost my fitness and get there?
  • and more….

I love this interview because we talk about real strategies for staying healthy that are actionable and can be implemented today.


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Thanks for listening and a special thanks to Mario for taking the time to chat about recovery methods, injury prevention, and sound training. You can follow Mario on Twitter here.

Running geeks FTW!

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