It’s Official: 1-on-1 Injury Prevention Coaching is Starting Soon

It’s coming: the 1-on-1 Injury Prevention Coaching program is opening this month.

I wasn’t sure if this type of in-depth, intensive coaching was something you were interested in (or I was willing to take on), but the response was overwhelming.

Last week I asked if you were interested… and my inbox was flooded with responses within just an hour:

Email Feedback - Evening

I think I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The things I do for you!!

Since you want specialized, 1-on-1 coaching to finally get healthy and prevent injuries, you’re going to get it.

3 Things to Know About this New Program

For the small group of you that I’m able to coach, there’s a few things you need to know.

1. You will have to apply to the program. I can’t take everyone so I want to help those runners that need it the most and are ready to invest in their training. And don’t apply if you’re not 100% ready to be part of the program (in fact, I may set things up so you have to pay before you even apply).

2. I’m pulling out all the stops. You won’t just get direct, unlimited access to me. You won’t just get a fully personalized training plan custom made for your injury profile. This program includes:

  • Weekly lessons via text and video. You get me as a coach plus extra material you keep forever
  • Private access to all-new strength and flexibility routines that have never been released before
  • More (details later)

3. You’re going to get much more than just me as a coach. This going to be the most valuable education you’ve ever received on how to train effectively so you can prevent more injuries. And I fully realize that I don’t have all the answers.

So I reached out to the running industry’s top experts for exclusive interviews. And in just the last 5 days, four of the world’s best authorities on training, running form, and injury prevention are already on board to answer your questions.

Can you imagine if you could ask your toughest question to a coach who has worked with Olympians? Or a PhD? Or the sport’s most prolific author (with more than 15 published books on running, nutrition, and weight loss)?

You’re going to be able to ask each of them your toughest question about running, injury prevention, and how to stay healthy. This level of access is unprecedented and for some of you, one of the most valuable experiences of your running career.

Full Details on Friday (Dates, Price, and Interviewees)

This Friday, September 6 I’ll send the full program details and open the application to those of you on my email list (sign up here).

I won’t be making it public here on the blog because I don’t want just anyone applying. I only want passionate runners who have taken action and joined the SR community. And if you haven’t taken action to join yet, how can I trust you to take action on my coaching advice?

So if you love running, want to train more consistently, and are ready to take action, this program might be for you. And I’m absolutely thrilled to start working with you.

Make sure you’re on my email list so you get the full program details this Friday.

Can’t wait!

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