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The World’s Quickest Coach’s Chat

Simplicity is always the best choice. Unless you’re a guru of course. In that case, Vern Gambetta says you should:

Make everything as complex as possible. If you are not sure, make it more complicated.

Sun Rise

Today I’m going to do something different.

I’m going to do the world’s quickest Coach’s Chat. Ready? Let’s go!

Can you recommend a good pair of running shoes? No, it depends on what YOU like! Check out my top shoe reviews here.

How should I fuel my long runs before a marathon? Mimic what you’re going to do on race day.

What strength exercises should I do? Follow this program. Or at least do this and this.

I want to run faster! Run more and do a weekly workout.

Can I run more than two marathons a year? Not to your full potential. Be more patient and focus on shorter races in between.

I’ve never run any fast workouts, how should I start? With a few weeks of strides and then easy fartlek runs.

Is running on your forefoot more efficient? No, it’s probably best to run on your midfoot. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with a mild heel strike!

How can I qualify for Boston – I’m nowhere close! Read the BQ Blueprint to see how Matt took 100 minutes off his marathon time.

I don’t really like running but I want to lose weight. What should I do? Find something you enjoy – running is not necessary!

I just don’t have time to run… “When you’re interested, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed, you accept no excuses; only results.” – Ken Blanchard

How can I get more motivated? I’m so inconsistent! I have something just for you.

Is CrossFit Endurance a good idea for runners? Not if you want long-term success as a runner. See here and here.

What types of stretching do I need to stay healthy? None – there’s no link between static stretching and injury prevention.

Have you ever coached a woman/guy/older runner/5k runner/marathoner? I’ve coached’em all! Check out some of their results.

What should I do right when I finish a run? Listen to this interview and I’ll tell you…

Do you have another quick question? Leave it in the comments and I’ll give you a quick answer!

Hat tip to Nerd Fitness for giving me the idea for this article!

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