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The Evolution of Running Goals: Why Nicole hired me (then fired me) and decided to run across the country

Running goals are funny. You might set an outlandish goal this year, but next year accomplishing the same thing is ordinary.

In 1998, I desperately wanted to run a mile under 6:00 minutes. Less than a year later, …

“How do I make an injury prevention plan second nature?” (video)

A few weeks ago I had a haunting conversation with a runner about his injury problems.

As he went on about his ITBS… Achilles problems… ankle pain… and even more injuries, I started feeling really bad for this guy.…

13 Proven Race Strategies to Help You Run Faster

Since 2010, I’ve been helping runners run faster. But a unique benefit of having a website like this is that I get to connect with elite runners, other coaches, Boston Qualifiers, and more experts in the running world.


What’s the funniest thing ever said to you while you were running?

Two months ago I asked runners on Twitter:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while out running?

The answers were hilarious, troubling, and…well…weird. You can see each reply¬†here¬†(warning: NSFW).

Even better than the replies …

Marathon Nutrition with Mark Kennedy, creator of “Fuel My Run”

Before my first attempt at the marathon I bragged to my friends and former coach about how I’d negative split the final miles in Central Park.

After the race, I got the biggest “I told ya so!” …