What’s the funniest thing ever said to you while you were running?

Two months ago I asked runners on Twitter:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while out running?

The answers were hilarious, troubling, and…well…weird. You can see each reply here (warning: NSFW).

Even better than the replies I got on Twitter were the comments on the article! My favorite:

“A guy wrapped up in tin foil walking down the street pretending he was in a zero gravity environment.” 

I can’t make this stuff up.

The experiment was so interesting I decided to do it again, this time asking: What’s the funniest thing someone has ever said to you while you were out running?

The replies came in and I still can’t stop laughing.

Situations like these remind me that running is truly one of the best ways to experience the world. Enjoy!










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Now it’s time to hear your crazy story!

Tweet me your funniest one-liner or leave a comment below. If you Tweet me, I’ll edit this post and we can put together quite a collection. Every runner has heard a few great one-liners over the years…

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  1. While home on break in the deep south a man from his porch yelled at me as I ran by: “What you runnin’ fer – there ain’t no dog chasing you!?”

  2. I had a guy drive up beside me while I was running. He rolled down his car window and asked, “Can I pay you to get me in shape?”

    Then he tried to take me out to dinner in my sweaty, raggedy running clothes.

    I started carrying pepper spray with me after that.

  3. A driver yells at me “Hey, cross in the cross-walk.” As they are stopped ON the cross-walk.

  4. While in mid-run someone asked if we had a cigarette

  5. John Parker says:

    During the last mile of a marathon: “Your butt looks cut in those shorts. Shake what your Mama gave ‘ya!”

  6. I was an exchange student in Uruguay in the 1980’s, and recreational running was pretty unheard of there at the time. One day, I ran past a man and we both said “hello”. I got to my turn around point and ran back. When I passed him again, he looked concerned and asked “are you lost?”

  7. While running on a quiet road in a foreign country in the 70s, a taxi cab pulled by and the driver said: “I can take you there real fast if you are in a hurry!”

  8. Lynda Servies says:

    I run a 6-10 mile circumference around a golf course. On my long runs, I stop midway at the 12 hole that has a water cooler. While I was stopped at the cooler on a hot day a group of golfers approached me and told me “you look you were ridden hard and put away wet”.

  9. At the beginning of a 15K “Hill Country” trail race, a woman standing behind me asked her friends if there was more uphill or downhill. Before her friends could answer, I turned around and reminded her that the Start line and Finish line were the same, so there had to be equal amounts of uphill and downhill. It took a second, then everyone went “Oh, yeah. Right.” Big laughs all around. Score one for Capt. Obvious.

    Best sign at a 13.1: “That pain you’re feeling now: Temporary. Your time posted on the Internet: Forever!”

  10. Phoenix has a great network of urban trails right in the middle of town. But some of the trailheads are next to sketchy neighborhoods. Could write a book about the stuff I have seen when I go out for a run. Two of the best from this year are these gems.

    Drove out to park my car and while passing the basketball courts near the trailhead notice a woman playing a very active game of half court basketball at 5:00 AM by herself. Only issue is that she did not have a ball.

    While parking at another trailhead for the first time I notice a lot of men just sitting in their cars furtively glancing around and waiting expectantly. Thought it was weird, so typed in the trailhead’s name online to see what popped up. Found out it was the Larry Craig/George Michael area of the Phoenix park system. About once a year the park system has to put rangers undercover to “flush out” the activity from the parking lot and side trails.

  11. Jim’s comment about the one at 13.1 reminds me:
    A banner at about mile 22 of Dallas marathon several years ago: “It sounded like a great idea six months ago!”