Q&A with Coach Episode 3: The Art of the Race Warm-up

Have you ever done a piss poor warm-up before a race… and then felt terrible a few minutes after the gun fired?

I’m not surprised.

Without a proper warm-up, your heart rate will be too low when you start and your muscles will be tight – right when you need them to work their best!

Getting your warm-up right is crucial to not only feeling good during a race, but running to your potential.

In today’s episode of Q&A with Coach, I talk about two important aspects of warming up before a race: timing it properly and how to warm up in a starting corral when space is limited.

Let’s make sure we don’t waste months of hard workouts, long runs, and careful planning by botching our race warm-up…

I also answer two more questions:

  • How can I improve my 5k race time?
  • Is it ok that my pace is WAY slower on the trails than on the road?

On with the show!

Q&A with Coach: Episode 3

Show notes:

At the end of this episode, I asked you a question: how can I improve this show?

It’s important that you’re finding this coaching material helpful, but please give me some constructive criticism!

Leave a comment below: how can I improve Q&A with Coach? What do you suggest for making it more helpful or entertaining?

Thanks for watching and giving me your advice on how to make the show even better!

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