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It’s here: Nutrition for Runners is now available!

I’m thrilled to announce that Nutrition for Runners is now available!

After nearly a year of development, research, testing, and fine-tuning we are excited to share this new program with you.Nutrition Logo Transparent

Earlier this month, I challenged you to get out of your comfort zone. To approach problems differently. To finally get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

For me, it was changing my diet to optimize my running. As a naturally skinny guy, I can eat anything without gaining weight. Why work on my nutrition?

Should someone who has a “pretty good” diet even worry about their fueling and nutrition? Is it worth it?

Yes, yes it is. In fact, just a few small changes can have profound effects.

Last December, I used the program to feel like the Incredible Hulk. I was running over 90 miles a week, with 2.5+ hour long runs in the mountains at 9,500 feet altitude… and I recovered faster than ever before!

Imagine how that feels? What if you could fuel smarter and recover faster, so you could run more and ultimately race faster?

Even for those with no racing ambitions, faster recovery means more energy. Most runs are a breeze when you’ve nailed your nutrition – and that feels a lot better than struggling through sluggish workouts.

Instead of telling you to drink colostrum or “don’t chew gum” (or worse yet, count every calorie), you’ll get practical nutrition advice that’s easy to implement, tested and proven, and works for runners just like you.

Today, that complete system is now available.

Introducing: Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition for Runners is the most comprehensive nutrition program for runners, with a library of training plans designed for performance and weight management, meal guides, expert interviews, and a full cookbook.

Created by myself and Anne Mauney, MPH, RD it includes:

  • The full book – including our “5 Principles of Nutrition for Runners
  • Fueling strategies for every scenario: 5k, 10k, half marathon & marathon – plus workout fueling for morning, afternoon & evening runners
  • The complete “Ask the Dietitian” series, showing you how to reduce sugar cravings, which supplements are worth it, and more
  • Meal Guide & Runner’s Cookbook with example meal plans and exactly what to eat before, during, and after every run
  • 30 easy to prepare, quick recipes for runners – plus 49 more ideas for snacks and meals
  • All 5 expert interviews (over 5 hours of audio!) on food intolerances, mistakes to avoid, race-specific fueling, inflammation & more
  • All 15 Training Plans so you can get faster in the 5k, 10k, half marathon & marathon – plus 3 weight loss plans to help you shed pounds easily
  • The “Dietitian Approved” Shopping List, showing you exactly what to buy (and why)

We know you’ll see enormous success with this program if you apply it. When you’re successful (and I know you will be if you put in the work), I know you’ll be a Strength Runner for life.

So give the program a look:

Imagine what it would feel like to double your energy… or finally reach your goal weight… or recover fast enough to run more – so you can race faster?

Nutrition for Runners has that potential. And it’s been tested with men, women, older runners, younger runners, beginners, and advanced runners.

And it can help you, too.

We know you’re going to  love this. Just look at this feedback we received recently:

“Training with Jason has helped me lose weight and now I’m able to recover so much better that I can get a lot more out of each workout. I feel better then I’ve felt in a long time, even though I’m older.

I was telling some friends that even if my times didn’t improve it’s been worth every dollar because of how much better I feel and the fact that I can look forward to running again. Though I can tell you my times will improve….” – Barbara

“I love the simplicity of your approach to nutrition in this program, without having to track servings of every food group. It’s so much more sustainable. I can naturally adjust portions based on training volume, and follow the same patterns while traveling too.” – Nicole

“I looked through the recipes and snack ideas and I LOVE them! You weren’t lying when you said they are quick and easy and have ingredients that you can actually find in your local supermarket! I have spent so much money on healthy recipe books to find that the ingredients are all weird and you have to go hunting for them at specialty stores. I don’t have time for all that.” – Johna

Or Anne’s clients, who think she is “life changing” (Kristina) and now feel “energized after eating, rather than sick and tired.” (Diane)

Here are the full program details.

Today could be the day that you finally take control of your nutrition to become a better runner! About time, isn’t it?

Don’t wait… the Personal Support tier closes soon

Anne and I are offering an unprecedented level of support with this program – but only to a select few runners.

For a limited time, we’re offering a Personal Support tier that includes weekly Accelerator Calls with Anne and myself.

Get answers to your toughest questions, completely personalized to YOUR individual situation.

While both Anne and I regularly charge $150-$200 for just an hour of our time, this is a unique opportunity to have both a Registered Dietitian and certified coach help you overcome your barriers and avoid the mistakes that cause many runners months of confusion and wasted money.

Most of us languish with endless online research… asking the wrong questions… thinking we’re doing the right thing (but we’re not)… and trying to piece together conflicting pieces of info we’ve found.

Today, you have the opportunity to skip ahead of those frustrations (and save yourself months of wasted time) with a program that’s vetted by both a Registered Dietitian and a certified running coach.

And interestingly enough, all 5 of our experts agreed with our approach to nutrition for runners. We’re talking world-class dietitians (like those that have been on the back of a Wheaties box!), nutritionists to pro sports teams, Olympic-level coaches, and more.

To say we’re excited to unveil this program is a complete understatement. No… we are JACKED UP to share it with you!

Check out the program here – and make sure you act soon – because personal support won’t be available for very long.

Any questions? Email me at support [at] strengthrunning [cot] com. I’m happy to help.

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