I’m coming to Boston soon – want to meet? (Plus, a new Q&A with Coach!)

Next month is the Boston Marathon and I’ll be there to cheer on my runners and host the annual Strength Running Boston Meet-up.

And you’re invited!Boston Sign

The meet-up will feature a “who’s who” in Boston running, with the national press calling it the “must attend” event of the year for runners.

And if you’re wondering if that’s true, it’s not. I just made it up 🙂

But it WILL be a good time. Here are the details:

  • WHEN: Saturday, April 18th from 4-7pm
  • WHERE: Dillon’s Restaurant & Bar – the back room on the first floor – at 955 Boylston St. See a map here.
  • WHY: To meet YOU! And to enjoy a few adult beverages, talk running, and have fun

You can come right at 4pm or you can wait until later – it’s totally up to you. This is a casual, fun meet-up just to hang out with other runners during one of my favorite weekends of the year.

I’ve put together a private notification list here. If you’re planning on attending, please sign up so I can communicate more details, plus something special that I won’t announce yet. 😉

Treadmill monotony, lengthening your stride, and more

Episode 9 of Q&A with Coach hit the internets last week and this was a special show: I created it especially for Fit Bottomed Girl’s “Dude Week.”

During the show we discuss three questions:

  • 1:35 — How do I avoid treadmill boredom? (hint: I went deeper than just “don’t run on the dreadmill!”)
  • 4:10 — I have a short stride… how do I lengthen it?
  • 8:25 — Is it ok to alternate a 4mm drop running shoe with a 10mm drop shoe? (more on my running shoe philosophy here)

Thanks for watching Episode 9 of Q&A with Coach! If you haven’t asked me YOUR question yet… what’s stopping you?! Find me on Twitter or simply email me – I’m here to help.

And if you have a blog or running website, I can do a custom Q&A for your audience too. Just shoot me an email and let’s chat.

And remember, if you’ll be in Boston the weekend of the marathon next month, I’d love to meet you!

Sign up for the meetup here and I’ll send more details when they’re available.

– Jason.

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