Behind the Scenes: Listen to a Coaching Call on How to Run a Faster Marathon

Have you ever ran a long race – like a half-marathon or marathon? If so, you know how hard they can be…

marathon wall

Over the last 11 months, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many Team Strength Running members run fantastic races:

  • There’s Brian, who ran a 19min personal best at the Edinburgh Marathon
  • Luke ran nearly 2 minutes faster than his previous best in half (while setting 10k and 10mi records in the process!)
  • And Sebastien set a scorching 12min PR in the HM – now his sights are set on qualifying for Boston

We have some fun, too 😉

Besides our library of training plans, the main reason why the team is so successful is because of the ongoing coaching support they receive in our private community and during our regular coaching calls.

About twice per month, I get on live video take questions about anything our members can think of:

  • Race and workout pacing
  • How to train for two big races in a short time period
  • Big-picture race planning and overall season strategy
  • How to change your training if you get hurt

Recently, I asked the team if any runners were willing to hop on The Strength Running Podcast for a detailed review of their running history and the training leading up to a big goal race.

My goal was to provide both high-level and tactical suggestions for improvement. I wanted to know what went right, what could be tweaked to ensure more progress, and how to adjust your race strategy to have a better experience on race day.

And the best part? You get to listen to these coaching calls!

Meet George, a dedicated marathoner

george marathon

George has been a member of the team since it first started in January. He’s still a relatively new runner with only about 18 months of recent training experience.

But that hasn’t stopped him from putting in a tremendous amount of work to improve his marathon time.

He’s the embodiment of what hard work looks like – and how educating yourself about running is an investment that pays off in spades.

In episode 6 of The Strength Running Podcast we dive into a lot of topics:

  • What’s the ideal length long run during marathon training? And half marathon training?
  • Should you keep running marathons if your ultimate goal is to run a faster marathon?
  • If your long runs are already 15+, what types of LR’s should you focus on during a marathon season?
  • How long should you run at tempo pace during training?
  • What is the optimal marathon pacing strategy?

Today, I invite you to listen over my shoulder as I sit down with George and strategize on his marathon goals.

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