Running Your Fastest Marathon as a Master: A Behind-the-Scenes Coaching Call

Improving your marathon time is a great goal for seasoned runners who want to push themselves. But what strategies work when you’re a master’s runner and your PR was run 20 years previously?

running a faster marathon

Recreational runners may not have the …

5 of the World’s Fastest Women on Injury Prevention & Recovery

Do you want to prevent more injuries? Let’s learn from the world’s fastest women on how to do just that!

injury prevention from elites

Today’s podcast episode rounds up advice from the world’s top female runners on what they do to prevent injuries …

Massage Best Practices, Benefits, and Mistakes with Coach Matt Phillips

Massage therapy draws a lot of varied opinions about the practice. It is therapeutic or healing, necessary or a luxury, helpful or a waste of money?

massage for runners

While many of those answers are for you to conclude, scientific evidence offers …

Tyler Andrews on the Future of Virtual Races and How to Bring Runners Together

The global pandemic has created an interesting challenge for runners. As more people turn to the sport and races have not yet resumed, runners are grappling with a lost sense of community, uncertain training goals, and a lack of …

Professor Shawn Bearden on the Science of Ultramarathons

Do ultramarathons seem to be reserved for ultra athletes? If you’ve ever wondered, dabbled in, or been curious about ultras – you’ll be inspired by episode 157 of the Strength Running Podcast.

Shawn Bearden ultra

Let’s break down ultramarathon basics first: an …

Registered Dietitian Anne Mauney on Fueling, Weight Loss, and More

How many questions do you have about nutrition for runners? Am I fueling properly? Are these foods healthy? Am I eating too much? What should I eat before a race?

Runners breakfast

If you have similar questions, we have you covered! …

The Definitive Long Run Episode: David Roche Explains Everything About Running Long

It’s no wonder that runners often say that they’re attending service at the Church of the Sunday Long Run. This single run gives us endurance, strength, and speed. Today, we dig in to the gritty details of it all.

Are You a Real Runner? Goal-Setting, Family, and Scheduling for Adult Runners

Think back to the last big race that you trained for. You probably followed a plan, invested in gear, overcame injuries, and spent a lot of your waking hours preparing for the race. Once it was all done, did …

Movement Expert Todd Hargrove on Pain, Mobility, and Play

Runners are athletes that specialize in running. But because they’re athletes, they need to move well in a whole different variety of ways, too. How do you get started?

runner mobility

Just think of all the movements that contribute to your …

Olympian Carrie Tollefson on Why Runners Are So Awesome

Feeling grateful for our running community doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Running has brought so much to my life and I know that if you are reading this – you’ve gained a lot from it too.

Carrie Tollefson

Take …