Finding Adventure with Ultra-Endurance Pro Travis Macy

I’ve said before that running is the best way to experience the world. Adventure awaits any runner willing to explore…

For many of us, running is our escape from the daily grind. We use running to:

  • Get some “me time” away from work and family responsibilities
  • Explore new trails and wilderness that walkers can’t reach
  • Visit a new city for a destination race
  • Find hidden gems – like a glacier

Without running, most of us would have far less adventure in our lives.

When else can we prance through the woods like kids? Or run up a mountain? Or simply experience the calm of dawn on a brisk morning run?

It sure beats hanging out in a sweaty gym being assaulted by fluorescent lights!

And when it comes to adventure, the first person I want to talk with is Travis Macy.

Running to Live with Travis Macy

jason and travis

Travis Macy is an endurance Renaissance Man. If it exists, he’s probably done it.

Multiday, team stage race? Snowshoe racing? Ski mountaineering? He’s completed all of that – and a lot more. Sponsored by brands like Hoka and Injinji, Travis has completed over 120 events in 17 countries.

When he’s not running up mountains in Colorado’s front range (even bringing me along for a run), he’s skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, or gearing up for his next 100-mile ultra.

His book, The Ultra Mindset, is a blueprint for success in running, business, and life. Miss his actionable running lessons at your own peril…

In the latest episode of the Strength Running Podcast, I sit down with Travis to talk about his many adventures in the world of ultra-endurance.

I’m sure you’ll find it inspiring – but more importantly, the advice can help you plan your next adventure.

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