The Thrill of Being a New Runner (and a bonus podcast!)

Starting to run is an exciting time to be alive – like your first day of college or having your first child.

Beginner Running

Just think back to when you started running…

The endorphins. The rush of beginning a new sport that has the potential to transform your life. Your new-found skills are powerful:

  • More endurance, and better speed
  • Improved mental strength and resilience
  • Higher levels of confidence and self-esteem

If you’re a new runner, you have a lot to look forward to in the months and years ahead!

But it’s not always so easy. You have to get the fundamentals right from the beginning. Even so, you’ve probably had questions…

How many of us beginner runners aren’t sure how to start? Or get confused by running jargon or complex training plans?

And so many beginners try random fitness classes or home exercise DVD’s… but do those really help runners?

Have you ever sat down and wondered what you were going to run this week? After hours of online research into workouts, how to increase mileage, long runs… you give up.

“I’ll just run a few miles when I have time…” you say to yourself.

It can be frustrating to see runners who seem successful from day one. They rarely – if ever – get injured, always seem to be doing “the right thing,” and are improving month after month.

Are these runners special? Or gifted? Or somehow so naturally talented they can improve no matter what kind of training they do?

I don’t buy that.

Every beginner can start running from a position of strength to give themselves the best possible chance of success.

“I’m excited to continue running. Never thought I’d say that!”

Take Jaysen for example. He’s a 40-year old runner from Ohio who hadn’t run much in five years. With his longest run being 2 miles, he was excited but nervous about training for a marathon.

Did he have enough cardio fitness to run his goal pace? Was he in shape enough to tackle 26.2 miles in less than four months? He felt lost…

But Jaysen DID figure it out – and ended up successfully finishing not one, but TWO marathons in the span of a single month! Perhaps more impressively, he did it in 80+ degree weather with no injuries.

Jaysen told me:

I couldn’t run a mile in May and completed two marathons four months later. I am injury free after two marathons in three weeks. I’m excited to continue distance running. Never thought I’d say that. Lol.

Can you imagine what it feels like to experience this level of progress as a new runner in just a few months?

How relieved you’d feel to “crack the code” of running, know exactly what to do to be successful, and do it all without injuries?

Of course, Jaysen’s results are wildly impressive. But there’s nothing “special” or unique about them – they’re possible for most new runners. With the right approach and guidance, any beginner can jumpstart their own success.

In fact, I’ve coached hundreds of beginners just like Jaysen:

  • Stephanie, who ran her goal pace and is running more consistent mileage than ever before (and who’s relieved that as a beginner, she’s not confused by so many different opinions)
  • Christopher, who “never thought I’d be able to run a half marathon” ran his first half injury-free while beating his expectations
  • Rebecca, who ran her first half marathon 100% healthy and beat her fear of running outside in public.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing a lot of new material for new runners. If you’re a beginner, are just coming back from a long layoff from running, or want a refresher course on running’s fundamentals for success, then you’re in the right place.

Soon, you’ll see the common mistakes that prevent beginners from staying healthy and improving, plus a new system for making this process a lot easier.

Much of this new material will only be sent to runners who want it (I know not all of you are beginners). Just sign up here so I know you want to get all the good stuff.

It’s possible for any beginner to give themselves a clear advantage and achieve pain-free, faster running without the confusing jargon or complex training plans.

Soon, I’ll show you how to get started on the right foot (running pun completely intentional). Get excited!

– Jason.

PS. I’m putting together a bonus podcast if you’re interested in coaching advice for new runners. Get on the list so I know where to send it.

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