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Jason Koop on Coaching Competence and Smarter Training

‘Improvement’ is why I fell in love with running. Seeing my ability to run further or faster improve over time became intoxicating.

Jason high school

Racing the 2-mile for Lexington High School, 2002.

My addiction to improvement and progress was, in hindsight, one of the “performance multipliers” that has helped me most in my life.

Whether that’s Strength Running, my marriage, finances, running, or even home improvement projects, I’m still very much focused on consistent, gradual improvement.

This concept also bleeds into my personal life, where my 2017 resolution to “read more” has taken on a life of its own. Learning by reading books is now a consistent and gradual presence in my life. The more I read, the more I want to learn.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Jason Koop, a coach who I have deep respect for because of his commitment to evidence-based training, honing his craft as a coach, and being a life-long learner.

As a runner himself, Jason has two top-10 finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 and has finished some of ultrarunning’s most challenging races like the Badwater 135, Wasatch 100, and the Hardrock 100.

He’s the author of Training Essentials for Ultrarunning and Director of Coaching at Carmichael Training Systems. He’s been at CTS for over a decade working with runners, cyclists, and triathletes.

Today, coach Jason Koop focuses more on trail ultramarathoners, guiding some of the best ultra runners in the country:

  • Dakota Jones, winner of the 2018 Pike’s Peak Marathon (after he cycled 250 miles in the four days before the race…)
  • Missy Gosney, 4th at the 2015 Hardrock 100 Mile
  • Timothy Olson, former course record holder of the Western States Endurance Run

But his approach to the sport can be applied to any distance. Running fitness is running fitness, after all.

That’s why no matter who you are, you’re sure to learn something new in this episode.

Jason Koop: “It’s a success by lack of failure proposition”

Jason Koop

This wide-ranging conversation covers a lot:

  • The nuances and pros/cons of progression runs
  • Why (and how) to never let yourself become more than 10% detrained
  • The impact of climate change on the sport of running
  • What Jason Koop wishes he could tell his 20-year old self
  • How he continually learns about running, coaching, and exercise science

Our conversation is a must-listen for aspiring coaches, ultrarunners, and running geeks who want to dive a little deeper into training theory.

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If you enjoy today’s episode, please drop Jason a line on Twitter and thank him for taking the time to speak with all of us!

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