Sarah Canney on the 2019 World Snowshoe Running Championships

Meet Sarah Canney, the 9th place finisher at the 2019 World Snowshoe Running Championships. We’re going to show you how cool snowshoe running can be today!

Sarah Canney Snowshoe Running

Running on snow in a pair of glorified tennis rackets was never something I could imagine myself doing. Until now…

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to Sarah Canney. She’s a Road Runners Club of America and USA Track and Field certified running coach in addition to being a competitive mountain runner and member of the 2018 US National Snowshoe Running Team.

In fact, she recently placed 9th at the World Championships in Val di Non, Italy on January 5th.

Now, I’ve never gone snowshoe running. I don’t own any snowshoes. Frankly, I don’t even like the cold.

But after hearing Sarah speak more about the sport and how fun it can be, it’s something I’m dying to try (and you can’t get a better snowshoe running venue than Colorado’s Front Range!)

And while snowshoe running might be a lot of fun, it can also be an extraordinarily helpful method of cross-training:

  • There’s less impact running slower on snow (and less injury risk)
  • It’s incredibly specific to running (in fact, it is running)
  • Because it’s more difficult than running on the road, less time is needed for a great workout

The more and more I think about this sport, the more that I think runners need to try it!

Just look at the trailer, with footage taken from the 2018 race in Spain:

What beautiful footage! I’ve certainly got the itch…

And if you feel like you’re in the mood for a new adventure, Sarah is here to tell you everything you need to know to get started as a snowshoe runner.

Sarah Canney on Snowshoe Running

Sarah Canney Running

Sarah wasn’t always a snowshoe runner. In fact, she only started a few years ago but has quickly made a name for herself.

In this episode, we talk everything snowshoe running:

  • How it’s very similar to cross country
  • The gear and equipment required for success
  • The training: how is it different from running?
  • What you need to know before getting started
  • How difficult it can be and how that relates to pace and effort

We also discuss her running retreat Rise. Run. Retreat. for women and how she’s making a big impact in the world of women’s running.

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