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Introducing: Running Smarter, Running Stronger

A growth mindset is necessary to grow (did I really just type that). But how does a growth mindset relate to running?

jason running

An action shot still from the Running Smarter course

A runner’s growth mindset helps them focus on the process of training rather than on specific results today.

A runner with a fixed mindset will run an easy day too fast because he doesn’t want his average pace to look bad on Strava…

But a runner with a growth mindset understands that an easy day must be easy and that it’s important for improvement.

Let’s say we both run a 5k tomorrow and we both have a terrible race. But I have a fixed mindset and you have a growth mindset. Here’s what we’ll think:

  • ME: I’m not good at racing. I don’t think this is my event. I’m going to try a longer distance.
  • YOU: Well, that was a kick in the pants! Time to figure out my weaknesses and train smarter.

Since you have a growth mindset, you focus on what you need to do to get better.

Here are other examples of having a fixed mindset as a runner:

  • Easy runs get turned into fitness tests or competitions with your running buddies
  • Deciding you know it all and not investing in running books, courses, or camps
  • Trying to prove yourself against faster runners during workouts and training runs
  • Focusing more on pace and mileage (and how that looks on your Insta page…) rather than effort and how you feel

We can all focus more on having a growth mindset. And the benefits are undeniable.

Those who have the confidence to focus on the process of training will always strive to learn more about the sport, listen to their bodies rather than their watches, and only race during races.

For me, I’m so glad to have made the decision to run in college, to buy as many running books as I have, to get a USATF coaching certification, and to attend all of the running conferences and camps that I have over the last 10 years.

Without those experiences – which all taught me more about the sport – I wouldn’t be the runner and coach that I am today.

And today I’m excited to introduce a new way to help you grow, learn more about running, and focus on the process of training.

Running Smarter, Running Stronger

Running Stronger

After more than a year in the making, I’m excited to introduce Running Smarter, Running Stronger!

For those with a growth mindset who want to continue learning about the sport, my unique coaching philosophy, and the necessities of stronger running, you’re going to love this new video course.

I partnered with a high-end video production company called X-Pollination Productions to make it happen. They produce films about sports like golf, tennis, and track and field events like discus, the jumps, and sprinting.

And now, they’re ready to tackle distance running.

The footage that we were able to capture is breathtakingly beautiful. We spent days filming in beautiful locations around Colorado and even hired a professional runner for better footage.

Here’s the trailer:

Running Smarter, Running Stronger

The end product is a movie-length course broken down into bite-sized lessons, including:

  • Running form & efficiency
  • Race preparation and training
  • Speed development and drills
  • Building aerobic capacity
  • Speed work & running drills
  • Warm-up and post-run routines
  • Recovery & body maintenance
  • Micro vs. Macro training variations
  • See all the lessons here

You can watch the course straight through and take notes, view it as an educational movie, or pick and choose the lessons you want to watch first.

Improve Your Skills & Join Me For a Live AMA!

I firmly believe that running is a skill that can be developed and improved using the right combination of knowledge, training, and technique.

And that’s what this course delivers: actionable, lifelong lessons to improve your training that are proven to work.

Watch the trailer for the course and see how well it’s shot, edited, and organized. I’m in awe at the production value (I was filmed with a $50,000 camera!) and can’t wait to share it with you.

In fact, I’m so excited about it that I’m hosting a live Ask Me Anything webinar for anybody who buys the program. Just forward me your receipt and I’ll send you the private registration page.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. I want to reward runners who take action to improve their running. Growth has its benefits.
  2. I love talking running! Let’s hang out and talk shop!

See all the details here and I look forward to welcoming you this new course!

By the way… this is very different than anything I’ve ever done. I’d love your feedback once you view all of the lessons so I can continue to grow and get better 🙂

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