From Pro Soccer to Ultra Endurance: How Luke Tyburski Reinvented Himself

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, get inspired for your next adventure, and learn new habits. And Luke Tyburski is here to show you how.

Luke Tyburski Motivation

Luke Tyburski has overcome more in his relatively short life than most of us. His dream as a child was to play professional soccer on the world stage. And he accomplished exactly that as an adult, playing in lower-level professional leagues in California, Louisiana, and the UK.

But his dreams were cut short after a series of debilitating injuries. He couldn’t maintain the workload of a high-level soccer player without getting hurt.

Soon, he succumbed to severe clinical depression. With no backup plan and thoughts of suicide running through his mind, Luke felt lost.

But then he discovered endurance sports.

Reinventing himself as an ultra-endurance adventurer, Luke started competing in the most brutal events on the planet:

  • The Ultimate Triathlon – a 12-day, 2,000km triathlon across multiple countries
  • Marathon des Sables – a 6-day, 156-mile ultramarathon in the Sahara Desert
  • The Everest Ultramarathon – a 40-mile ultra going down from Base Camp (elevation 17,000 feet)

And these are just the most extreme events!

Now, Luke is still focused on ultra-endurance events but also in sharing his journey through his work and book, Chasing Extreme. He said:

Through my adventures and challenges I want to not only inspire you to live your life, achieve the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve, and make the unthinkable a reality, but also create awareness that anyone who suffers from a mental health illness can still achieve the unimaginable; I did, so why can’t you…

I’m thrilled to welcome him to the Strength Running Podcast.

Luke Tyburski on Overcoming Obstacles

Luke Tyburski

In this episode of the podcast, Luke and I talk about his background as a soccer player and how he decided to become an ultra-endurance athlete.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • What he learned from being injured so frequently as a soccer player
  • How those injuries influence his training for running events
  • The shifts in mindset that were required to transition from soccer to ultra running
  • How running helped him fight his clinical depression
  • What keeps Luke motivated today

Luke is a teacher and has a way of lifting up those around him. I felt inspired, motivated, and in a positive state of mind after I spoke with him and I know you will, too!

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