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Introducing: Mindset Mastery

How many of us would love to be the master of our mindset? To be fully in control of our mental state and how that affects our actions?

Mental Fitness

Mastering our mindset means…

  • Successfully grinding out the end of longer

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff on Managing Fear and Reframing Adversity

What would you do differently if you knew that your biggest growth opportunities are during times of adversity?

reframing adversity

We all strive for a perfect race, a successful career, a happy family – that’s where you want to be. …

Mindset Traps: How Runners Mentally Self-Sabotage

When I first started running, the abilities of better runners simply stunned me. Their physical prowess was impressive, but their mental fitness was profound.

racing runners

As an eager 14-year old on my high school’s cross country team, I barely ever …

Confronting Inequality, with Black Girls RUN! CEO Jay Ell Alexander

Many of us started running in pursuit of health and overall wellness. We love the physical challenge and, deep down, we are driven by the belief that running is “good for you”.

The benefits of running span everything from …

Master Your Mental Game with Pro Sports Psychologist Justin Su’a

We’re all seeking an edge in our running to reach new levels of ability. Today we’re exploring powerful ways to help you train your mind – and reach the final frontiers of your performance.

mental training

Mental fitness is much like …