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Madeline Strandemo on Mental Fitness, Training through COVID, and the Steeplechase

Running during COVID times has certainly presented new challenges for all of us. Today, we talk with pro runner Madeline Strandemo about how she keeps herself in the game, both physically and mentally.

Madeline Standemo

I think we can all agree …

The 3 Most Important Words in Running

Do you want to improve your running performances? Would you like to run further, faster, and with less effort? Well, of course you would!

Running Improvement

Nearly every runner wants to get better. It’s no surprise that in a sport like …

Postural Stability: The Hidden Variable of Running Performance

Postural stability is one of the most overlooked aspects of running performance. It’s also one of the most important as it helps you run fast and stay healthy.

Postural Stability

Bodyweight strength exercises help build postural stability for runners

The mechanics …

How Ultra Runner Lisa Tamati Goes All-in, Stays Mentally Tough, and Confronts Pre-Race Anxiety

Mental toughness is a prized mental fitness skill among endurance runners. And Lisa Tamati, one of New Zealand’s best endurance athletes, shows that it helps in all areas of life.

Lisa Tamati

As athletes, we intentionally put ourselves in mentally …

The Big Hydration Episode, with Sports Scientist Andy Blow

We all know know that running hard makes us sweat, especially in hot and humid weather. But how much do you really understand about its impact on your performance?

Sweat and hydration

Our bodies naturally sweat to keep us cool during physical …

Amelia Boone on Battling Your Inner Critic, the Nuances of Confidence, and Improving Self-Talk

The most successful runners are usually those athletes who can weather storms: the storm of injury, the storm of a global pandemic, or the storm of personal challenges. Anti-fragility is an asset.

Amelia Boone

Strength Running helps you pursue your running …