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Amelia Boone on Battling Your Inner Critic, the Nuances of Confidence, and Improving Self-Talk

The most successful runners are usually those athletes who can weather storms: the storm of injury, the storm of a global pandemic, or the storm of personal challenges. Anti-fragility is an asset.

Amelia Boone

Strength Running helps you pursue your running goals while acknowledging the many “storms” that can derail your training.

For me personally, I have three kids aged 7 and under. If that’s not a storm, I’m not sure what is!

But the skills we learn from running help us in other areas of our life. Maybe that’s…

    • Consistency – showing up every time, whether you want to or not.
    • Confidence – built after achieving a personal goal that seemed out of each.
    • Strength – developed through training, but makes the rest of life far easier.

    Today on the podcast, I’m excited to bring you an episode with Amelia Boone to discuss her mental relationship with running. The numerous mental skills she’s learned from the sport have helped her in her personal life as well and this conversation gives us a glimpse into a world-class athlete’s mental outlook.

    About Amelia Boone

    Amelia Boone is a giant in the obstacle course racing world and she has dabbled in some ultramarathons over the last few years as well. She’s a four-time obstacle course racing world champion.

    Many of her fans know she has struggled with an eating disorder and spent time in treatment last year. She’s now in recovery, she just moved to Colorado, and if you follow her on Instagram you’ll see that she’s been riding her Ellipti-Go on the Front Range’s big climbs over the last few months. All this, while working full-time as an attorney at Apple.

    I’ve always looked up to Amelia and admired her work ethic, her talent, and her drive. But also her vulnerability and how she invites us along as she deals with her struggles. Amelia gave me some courage last year to share how losing my grandfather was so incredibly hard for me and the toll that it took.

    In this episode, she gives us a glimpse of how she pushes through challenges and the things that she continues to struggle with.

    The Ups and Downs

    During the highs of her athletic career, Amelia Boone focused on the podium finishes and avoided dealing with her eating disorder and physical injuries. She has made significant changes since. While she continues to train hard and be active in her (new!) running community in Colorado, she is also careful not to fall into her old patterns.

    In this episode as we discuss:

    • Reframing criticism
    • The fine line of “trusting your body”
    • Self-talk and mantras during a race
    • The slippery slope of too much confidence

    I hope you take away some lessons from this episode because no doubt, there’s a lot to learn from such an admirable human being.

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