5 of the World’s Fastest Women on Injury Prevention & Recovery

Do you want to prevent more injuries? Let’s learn from the world’s fastest women on how to do just that!

injury prevention from elites

Today’s podcast episode rounds up advice from the world’s top female runners on what they do to prevent injuries and keep healthy while performing at the highest levels.

You’ll hear from:

Runners are constantly growing their toolkit for injury prevention. And professional athletes, being at the forefront of the sport, always have valuable advice on how to keep healthy.

I asked a single questions to these phenom runners, asking them:

What single idea, tool, or strategy is most helpful in keeping you healthy and running injury-free?

The responses are fascinating. Particularly, pay attention to the commonalities. These women are especially focused on what allows them to run sustainably, improve over time, and focus on their own unique needs.

See what these incredible women had to say and, of course, see our ultimate guide for injury prevention to learn more.

Injury Prevention Tips from 5 Elites

We got some of the most decorated runners in the world to contribute to this episode.

Colleen Quigley

Our first guest is steeplechase Olympian Colleen Quigley. Colleen was far from a typical athlete as a kid, she certainly wasn’t competitive and had dreams of pursuing a modeling career.

But her success in running paired with the encouragement from coaches set her on the Olympic path. Listen to her advice on the importance of mindset here:

Sara Hall

Next, we talk with the 6th fastest American marathoner of all-time, Sara Hall. She has been on the world stage of running for a decade, placing in a variety of distances and events. Sara is a mom to 4 girls and uses her voice for social justice efforts. As for her advice, she raves about the Sidekick Tool as a form of injury prevention and rehab

Kate Grace

Kate Grace is a national road mile champion and has been competing since her high school years. It wasn’t until her late twenties though that she gained national and international recognition for her performance. Kate emphasizes the importance of knowing your “why” to support quality training.

Grayson Murphy

Grayson Murphy is another incredible runner who started her career later in her college years. She is a phenom who won the 2019 World Mountain Running championships in her debut. She, too, has learned from some amazing coaches along her path and maintains the importance of keeping the long view in mind.

Molly Huddle

And finally, we get to learn from Molly Huddle, the American 5K record holder and current American record holder in the 10K. She had a lot of great suggestions for different recovery tools that we can use and experts to turn to for keeping your body as healthy as possible.

This episode is filled with actionable advice and tools that you can try out. As you listen, consider – what is one thing you can start to implement for yourself?

If you need more ideas, we featured 9 more pro runners on their best recovery advice here.

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