Ultrarunner Clare Gallagher on Racing 100 Miles, Low-Mileage Training, and Her Meteoric Career

We likely don’t need a reminder of how great running is for our physical and mental wellbeing. Running for a cause – something bigger than ourselves – elevates our participation in the sport even more.

Clare Gallagher

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That is precisely what this podcast episode focuses on. Today’s guest, Clare Gallagher, has intertwined her professional running career with environmental protection and other social justice efforts.

We’ve had other guests on the show that use running to propel forward a mission, including:

Their efforts demonstrate that we can all make an impact while doing what we love.

Runners are keen on protecting the trails we run on and keeping our air clean, among many other efforts. Today’s podcast not only covers areas where we can make a difference, but also provides calls to actions that you can participate in today.

Clare Gallagher on Activism and Running

Clare Gallagher burst onto the ultrarunning scene with her first attempt at a 100-mile race, the Leadville 100, which she won despite being brand new to the distance. She followed up with wins of the grueling Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and the CCC 101K. She also has the Fastest Known Times on the Zion Traverse and Joshua Tree Traverse.

As an outstanding athlete, Clare has a platform that she uses to amplify voices, causes, and efforts that she feels passionate about. Clare is an environmental activist, helping preserve public lands across the country and bringing much needed attention to environmental issues that threaten the very lands our sport depends on.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Clare’s rise in the sport
  • How she won Leadville 100 with no prior experience and no coach – as well as the value of having a coach
  • Low-mileage training and how it works for her
  • Clare’s (lack of) willingness to run a 200-miler in the future
  • Her approach to balancing training and racing with the rest of her life

Currently, Clare is training again for Western States 100, while continuing with her environmental activism. Hear a clip of her describing the balance and fulfillment she gets out of doing both:

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation because I sure had fun having it. Check out the full episode below.

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