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Men’s vs. Women’s Feet: Why Hilma Running Shoes is Making Shoes for Just for Women

Brooke Torres is an ultra runner who couldn’t understand why running shoes were so uncomfortable. So, she started a running shoe company to fix that problem.

Enter: Hilma Running Shoes. They make shoes specifically for the needs of women’s feet, which are uniquely shaped and not just a smaller version of men’s feet (since as you’ll hear, that doesn’t work).

As I spoke with Brooke, I remembered prior podcast guest Stacy Sims and her famous line that “Women are not just small men.” That rings true for feet, too.

Hilma founder Brooke Torres shares about the unique geometric shape of women’s feet and what they’re doing to make shoes that actually fit women.

Brooke founded Hilma to bring a great technical running shoe to every woman for every run.

Instead of designing fits that were simply smaller versions of men’s shoes, Brooke focused on multi-dimensional sizing for shoes that feel good to each unique user.

Normally, I’m very reluctant to have running company CEO’s on the podcast, since the episode could feel like a massive advertisement. But I confidently made an exception with this episode.

Hilma Running Shoes is a small company that is serving the running community in a new and positive way.

They’re solving a very real need among women runners. If you don’t know about Hilma yet, you should.

Brooke Torres on Supporting Women in Sports with Proper Running Shoe Fitting

Hilma Running Shoes is making a positive difference in the running community with products focused on multi-dimensional fit.

Does the perfect pair of running shoes exist? No— at least not one single pair that’s perfect for everybody!

But Brooke shares wisdom on the show to help you find a pair that will be a fantastic fit for your feet.

In this episode, Brooke Torres and I talk about:

  • Women’s foot shape and its impact on running shoe design
  • How poor-fit shoes can lead to injury and discomfort due to differences in foot geometry
  • Heels, high arches, and bunions: common foot problems in women
  • How women often choose to size up in order to find more width
  • Hilma’s three different fits, with a 90% try-on success rate
  • The cost and time required for custom shoe creation (it’s a lot)
  • Personalized shoe fitting for women, using data and quizzes to determine the best fit
  • Running shoes for various purposes and from urban walking to moderately technical trails
  • Helping women feel welcome in the outdoor industry

Send this episode to a woman runner who would appreciate Hilma Running Shoes, or to any running gearhead who wants to stay on top of running shoe developments.

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