A step-by-step “Coach in your Inbox” program to help you stay consistent and prevent more injuries

This 4-week, PROVEN course shows you how to feel stronger and more accomplished than ever before (even if you don't know where to start)

The Strength Running Boot Camp is no longer available. If you’d like to learn more about SR coaching programs, please see here.

The Strength Running Boot Camp shows you how to make running a habit that sticks – so you can stay motivated and be proud of making consistent progress. This 4-week, step-by-step course gives you daily motivation and the exact strategies to prevent injuries, create lasting habits, and stop making excuses.

Even if you’re always injured. Even if you have no idea how to do strength exercises or are afraid of pushing yourself.

From Jason Fitzgerald, 2:39 marathoner, USATF-certified coach, and author of 101 Simple Ways to Be a Better Runner.

CONSISTENCY is most runner’s #1 problem

Are you tired of having trouble getting out of bed in the morning to run?

Do you ever say, “I keep trying all these different things…and end up in the same place.

Or my favorite, “I know I need to do more strengthening, but I don’t know what to do and never have time…

Too many runners face these struggles. It’s heartbreaking that runners can’t motivate themselves, run regularly, or find the discipline to do the exercises they need to stay injury-free.

But it’s interesting that most people won’t do anything about it.

They stay in the same rut, never being able to string together a few months of consistent, healthy running.

I’ve heard the same struggles over and over again:

I always hear the alarm go off and think, “Oh, it’s too (dark/cold/insert other excuse here). I’ll just go later.” Then, I just don’t run.

I feel so frustrated and discouraged about my diet. I ALWAYS lose discipline with my food.

I wish running was something I “just do” instead of something I’m constantly planning to do.

I’m able to maintain the schedule for awhile but then go through a phase of laziness and low motivation.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

Instead of “trying harder” to motivate yourself into consistency or avoid the inevitable phase of laziness, it’s time to take control of your running and finally make it seem effortless. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel!

But first, let me introduce myself…

About Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald_Coaching

I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and ran 2:39:32 at the Philadelphia Marathon. As a USATF-certified coach, I’ve helped thousands of runners get motivated, run dramatically faster, and finally be more consistent.

My book, 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner, was an immediate Amazon top seller – making the Top 50 Sports category for Kindle books.

I’m the founder and head coach of Strength Running, which hosts over 200,000 readers every month and has been featured in major media like Runner’s World, The Huffington Post, and Fitness Magazine.

Strength Running Media Hits

Runners who use my coaching guidance experience tremendous progress – see for yourself:

“I discovered Strength Running this past summer and as an avid reader of ‘all things running’ I immediately recognized SR and Jason Fitzgerald as someone dialed into the latest thought and current best practices for runners. With the help of SR I’ve been able to avoid hip and glut issues I’ve dealt with in the past and have been able to remain strong enough to run through hamstring issues.” – Chris

“Its such a relief to get some good all round guidance – I have started to put pretty much everything you have suggested into action and I feel so much happier that I am doing what I need to do and heading in the right direction. I also have a good idea what I need to aim for and how to progress over the next 6 months or so. I had been feeling quite disheartened with all the injuries I’d been getting and wondering if I should just quit, but am now feeling a lot more confident that I can get through it and be in better shape and a better runner from it. Much appreciated!” – Charlotte S.

“I finished my marathon in 4:05:34, well over an hour faster than my 5:11:37 from last year. I’m now officially a marathon Kool-Aid drinker. You know what you’re talking about and your advice gets results. Thanks again!” – Joe G.

“I’m a new reader and very glad to be on the growing bandwagon (way better than a Runners World subscription). – Alex B.

Injury Prevention with SR

And after helping hundreds of runners like you get faster Personal Bests, run more than ever, qualify for Boston, and finally get healthy from constant overuse injuries – I’ve noticed a common theme.

See, most runners make the same mistakes over and over again. See if these sound familiar…

Mistake #1: “I just need to try harder”

This mistake is popular in January when everyone makes New Year’s resolutions they’ll never keep.

With big goals like “go to the gym every day!” or “lose 50 pounds!” the big mistake here is that you can do it on willpower with no extra help. Runners say things like…

  • I just need to try harder
  • It can’t be THAT hard to go to the gym after work every day
  • I just need to figure it out and try a few things
  • It’s going to be different this year

And what happens? Nothing. Willpower is a finite resource and is easily drained making basic decisions like what to focus on at work or which sandwich to eat at lunch. If you have to research the best strength exercises to stay healthy or will yourself for a tempo after work, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

That’s why change can be so hard and it’s always difficult to establish a new habit without constant motivation and a good system. 

Mistake #2: “I keep getting injured!”

Injuries are the bane of every runner’s existence. And inevitably, you’ll experience an overuse injury too.

But some estimates put the annual injury rate for runners at an astonishing 75%. Only a small minority of runners will train for a full year without getting hurt!

Imagine how strong you’d be after a year of healthy running. What could you accomplish with the confidence that comes with injury-free running?

Maybe you could finally get to your healthy weight. Or push yourself without fearing another injury. Maybe you can make speed training a part of your running schedule because you don’t have to worry about so many injuries.

Consistency is about more than mental strategies. To truly reach your potential and make running feel effortless, you need training that keeps you healthy – without the overuse injuries that plague most runners.

Mistake #3: “I keep trying too many different things (or nothing at all)”

It can be hard to know what to do with your running. So most runners do nothing – they succumb to paralysis by analysis. And they’re stuck in a vicious cycle of dealing with constant little injuries, not knowing whether to run, lift, or rest, or being terrified of increasing their mileage.

Even worse, some runners tackle an injury or their training with a haphazard and uncoordinated plan that’s like the shotgun approach –  try as much as possible and see what sticks. They’ll say, “I need to figure out what to do to run more and try a few different things…”

There’s no progression. There’s no consistency. There’s no system.

I call this the Try Everything, Try Nothing Approach. Sampling appetizers at a wedding might be nice, but you can’t sample random workouts, exercises, rehab treatments, and routines.

Using a system to methodically reach your goals gives much better results – and it’s exactly what’s used in the SR Boot Camp.

Powerful Results Using My Coaching Guidance

Mark Marathon PR

I got a marathon PR by 16 minutes! This race was a huge confidence builder for me and I’m very happy with the result. My recovery has been better than average so far. I have some normal discomfort, but I am in FAR better shape after this race than last time. So, a big THANK YOU.” –Mark D.


RyanI was jumping from plan to plan trying to find something that worked for me.  After following Jason’s plan, not only did my running improve but I also felt more confident. I was stronger and I looked stronger as well. Then came the real test. I ran my second marathon and blew my PR out of the water by 46 minutes! Thanks Jason, I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Ryan W.

Emily's PR

Introducing: The Strength Running Boot Camp

I’m excited to announce an all-new program to help you finally accomplish more by being more consistent. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever offered before.

SR Boot Camp

For the first time, I’m going to show you the exact strategies to stay motivated, feel stronger, and run as consistently as those “top” runners who seem to accomplish so much.

This 4-week course is delivered directly to your inbox, every day. For 28 straight days, I’ll be empowering you to make more progress than you ever have before.

Imagine knowing that every day, I’ll be delivering a new lesson to your inbox, nudging you in the right direction and encouraging you to reach your big goal. What a relief to know that if you feel tempted to slack off, just check your email for a new dose of motivation.

The 4-week SR Boot Camp course is divided into four sections – one per week. With downloadable worksheets and video lessons to accompany many of the lessons, you can finally kickstart yourself into taking action.

Here’s a preview of the course topics:

Week 1: Develop Habits that Stick

  • The Power of Barriers (and how to create negative barriers)
  • “Fake it Till You Make it”
  • How to Create Systems and the Psychology of Excuses
  • Find More Time to Run

Week 2: Creating Motivation to Crave Running

  • Are Your Goals Boring?
  • How to “snowball momentum”
  • How to Build More Confidence
  • “Double Marathon Syndrome”

Week 3: The Holy Grail of Consistency: Injury Prevention

  • How to Create a Stronger Runner
  • Is Your Training Plan Keeping You Injured?
  • How to Build Mileage (it’s NOT the 10% Rule)
  • Recover like an Elite

Week 4: Advanced Strategies for More Progress

  • Posture and the Foundation of Proper Running Technique
  • 3 Ways to Perfect Your Running Form
  • Barefoot Running…is not the cure
  • The Most Effective Approach to Diet for Runners
  • A Challenge and Gift For You…


How Would Just 2-3 Insights Impact Your Running?

Any course is only as good as what you do with it. So of course, taking action is mandatory.

If you plan to read each day’s lesson and do nothing, then this program is not right for you.

But if you’re ready to feel more powerful and make a commitment, I’m excited to welcome you to the Boot Camp.

I know you’re going to succeed if you take action, like many other runners just like you.

“I went from finishing a 10k to PRing a marathon to a running my first 6h in just two months (!). It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for my running. I don’t think I could have handled the short time period with the increasing mileage by myself and come out of it, not only alive but with great results and injury free! Thank you so much for your support along the way.” – Linda 

There is so much running-related info out there, that it would make someone’s head spin! I HIGHLY recommend any runner out there looking for some direction to seek guideance from Jason. I’ve learned SO MUCH (and continue to do so) from Strength Running that I asked my husband not to renew my Runner’s World Magazine subscription this past Christmas. Too much info – too many advertisements. I come here instead : )” – Laura


Bonus Interview #1: Setting “Impossible” Goals with Joel Runyon

Every Boot Camp member gets new updates for life – for free. Since launching the course I’ve added two new audio interviews. The first is with Joel Runyon, the creator of Impossible HQ. He’s run run a 50k ultramarathon and a half-Ironman triathlon. He’s also run two marathons on back-to-back weekends. “They were just training runs,” he told me…Joel Runyon

He knows what it’s like to set goals that scare you shitless. It’s what motivates him to accomplish seemingly “impossible” things.

So I was fascinated to do an exclusive interview with Joel for the SR Boot Camp about his mindset on motivation, discipline, stretch goals, and his experience with accomplishing the impossible.

My favorite topics from our conversation:

  • How Joel blackmails himself to train
  • “Flipping the mental switch”
  • How to make your workouts non-negotiable
  • The “ladder approach” to setting – and accomplishing – stretch goals

Bonus Interview #2: Injury Prevention & Recovery with Competitor’s Mario Fraioli

Mario is a collegiate cross country All-American, 2:28 marathoner, and a Senior Editor at Competitor Magazine. He’s interviewed pros like Ryan Hall and Adam Goucher, in addition to being the 2012 Costa Rican Men’s Marathon coach.

Mario is the author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training and is the coach of a local women’s running group in San Diego.Mario Fraioli

With an accomplished running, coaching, and professional career, I listen hard to Mario’s answers because he’s one of the brightest minds in the running world today.

In this 31+ minute audio interview you’ll learn the answers to:

  • Are hill sprints or uphill running damaging for joints of overweight runners? How do you run them safely?
  • Is it better to take the day off after a race or go for a short, easy run?
  • How can I tell the difference between soreness and fatigue vs. pain that could get me injured?
  • I have a decent 10k time but I can’t run my predicted marathon time. How do I get faster in the marathon?
  • and more….

This interview shows you real strategies for staying healthy that are actionable and can be implemented today.

My Unbeatable Guarantee – No Questions Asked

I challenge you to take the entire Strength Running Boot Camp course and if you’re not able to become a more consistent, motivated, and confident runner just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your money.Money Back Guarantee

Yes, take the ENTIRE course and if the daily email lessons, videos, and “workouts” don’t help your running, I insist that you get all of your money back. I make sure my programs help you become a better runner so if this doesn’t work, I don’t deserve your hard-earned money.

My goal is to make this decision risk-free for you so that you can “stop thinking and start running.” You have enough time to review the entire program, take a couple days to think it over, and then make your decision.

How’s that for a no-brainer decision? I’ll even eat the credit card processing fees myself.

If you decide that this isn’t a good fit, you can keep the entire course. It’s my gift to you.

What if Running Wasn’t So Hard to Stick With…?

I know you love the challenge of running. So if you could become more consistent and accomplish more in just two months – or more – how would that make you feel?

Maybe you’d feel more accomplished and powerful than ever before. Or energized for the rest of the day and your next workout.

The sense of achievement from being consistent is powerful and can make you feel successful on a daily basis. You’re deliberating completing something you set out to do. I love that feeling!

Consistency makes you feel revved up and ready for your next race. Your body feels better and you’re more confident.

This change in mindset from being more consistent is exciting and can encourage you to keep going during tough times (like the weather). It can even spill over into other areas of your life – like doing a better job at work or being a better role model for your kids.

Consistency is the true “secret” to good running – and it’s the secret sauce in the training I use with the runners I coach.

The Strength Running Boot Camp is no longer available. If you’d like to learn more about SR coaching programs, please see here.

Boot Camp Q&A

Will the Boot Camp include examples of runner-specific strength exercises, dynamic pre-run warm-ups, and “mini-routines?”

Yes – week 3 focuses exclusively on injury prevention. I’ll highlight the best routines for runners and when to do them. The majority require no equipment and can be done in your living room. Some routines take as little as 5-7 minutes.

Will there be some kind of motivation to get out there and run if I’m in a slump or when it’s dark and cold?

Week 1 focuses on developing habits and Week 2 focuses on motivation. Got ya covered!

Will the Boot Camp include a training program or a personalized plan?

No, I recommend the PR Race Plan for that level of coaching detail. I can’t recommend training if I’m not sure what your goals are!

Will you tell me how often I should run? I’m not sure if I should run 3 days or 5 days per week.

It depends on your goals, fitness level, and injury profile. I recommend a Plateau Buster to get this level of detailed coaching advice.

What about correct running form – will there be anything on technique?

You bet. Not only what to do, but how to use specific workouts to reinforce proper form.

Can there be daily communication to help with accountability and motivation?

The Boot Camp course includes a daily email lesson, sometimes with additional video or a downloadable worksheet. However, I can’t be personally available – that’s reserved for runners in my 1-on-1 coaching program.

I need help finding more time to run. I have a husband, job, kids….

That’s the focus of Lesson #4! Finding more time to run is a big hurdle and the SR Boot Camp presents three ways to think differently about time management.

What about a few simple exercises to strengthen my core and deal with all my aches and pains?

Simplicity is often best and I’ll show you the best core and strength exercises that are specific to runners. Most runners respond very well after just a week or two of consistent strength work.

Will there be resources for the mental aspect of running? I miss my goals because I’ve failed to train my mind.

Absolutely. Half the course is dedicated to mental strategies that help you stay motivated, find more time to train, demolish barriers, build momentum and confidence, and set goals. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever offered before.

And the results speak for themselves:

“The Boot Camp made running a consistent behavior and helped me change my mindset to keep putting it off. It’s made a HUGE improvement in my running since I have not had any injuries so far (whereas before SRBC, I would have had knee injuries and ITBS by now). I set a goal to run a 7K with a buddy, I did it yesterday! Overall I feel like running is fun again! Thank you!”

“I feel awesome and I’m really digging the SRBC. I’ve gotten up to three runs a week, and am planning to move back to 4-5 runs a week schedule. I am super pumped, I’ve had nagging injuries for several years and have been longing to get back to this kind of schedule. It’s awesome.”

SRBC_DM Testimonial

SRBC_FB Testimonial

How Will More Consistency Help Your Running?

 As I check off training runs (especially getting a speed or extended long training run under my belt), everything else is down hill. I’ve conquered the demon, the doubt I feel, every week.

I know I’ve gotten stronger. I feel very confident about my exercise regimen and that translates into other areas of my life.

I feel on top of the world! I feel empowered, fit, healthy, encouraged and enthusiastic. It gives me a natural high that I enjoy more than anything.

Running lets me get all of my negative thoughts out of my body like moving meditation. So the more often I run, the calmer I am and the happier I am.

Sound familiar? I’ll see you on the inside…

The Strength Running Boot Camp is no longer available. If you’d like to learn more about SR coaching programs, please see here.