ASICS Gel-Blur 33 Review: Too Much Cushion?

I used to run in the ASICS Kayano – a supportive stability shoe that weighs 13oz. I’m thankful those days are now over.

ASICS Gel-Blur 33

Today I prefer lighter shoes with less stability and more groundfeel. Even though I have low …

Defining Athleticism: The 5 Components of Fitness

Training for any race – even a marathon – includes a lot more than just running. Runners who only run are doomed to overuse injuries.

Steeplechase Athleticism

Loyal Strength Running readers will recognize this as a common theme of my writing …

How to Really Stay Injury-Free: The Building a Better Runner DVD Giveaway

Injury prevention is a top goal for every runner. So why is consistent, healthy running so elusive?

The truth is that repetitive stress injuries will always happen: us runners are really good at pushing beyond our physical limits and …

What Are Strides? Why You Need to be Running Strides

What are strides? I get this question ALL THE TIME so I thought it would be helpful to explain exactly what they are and how to use them in your training.

I also surveyed runners on Twitter – you …

Does “Good” Running Form Even Exist? How to Tread Lightly

Overuse injuries are a reality for hundreds of thousands of runners every year. Is it even possible to prevent running injuries?

Bare Foot

That’s the question that Dr. Peter Larson and his coauthor Bill Katovsky explored in their book Tread Lightly:

Sitting All Day is Bad For You, So What’s a Tired Runner To Do?

Every few months there’s a new fitness or health topic that ripples through the tubes of the internet.

Years ago it was the Paleo Diet (which is legit).

Then we all heard about Vitamin D and it’s apparent long …

Should You Have Sex The Night Before a Race? Fitness Wisdom from “Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?”

Quick note: I’m accepting one more runner into my Full Coaching program. If you’re interested in working with me on a 1-on-1 basis, email me and let’s chat.

I just finished Alex Hutchinson’s book Which Comes First, Cardio or

5 Simple Running Drills You Can Do Anywhere

When I’m traveling, I find it really hard to warm up properly before I go running. The drills I do, especially the iron cross and hurdle seat exchange dynamic stretches, take up a lot of space. Knocking over a …

Running Downhill: Preparing for Hilly Courses (Boston Marathon Prep!)

The Boston Marathon was last week and it was a helluva race.

The elites took advantage of a strong tailwind and favorable temperatures to run incredibly fast: the winning time was 2:03:02 – the fastest time ever run. American …

The Runner’s Body as a System: Creating More Holistic Training

While running, your body is orchestrating a complex symphony of muscle movements that help you absorb shock, transfer energy, and stay upright. The coordination to run efficiently is astounding. Your left leg muscles must work in harmony with your …