Beyond Fitness: What it Really Means to be “Healthy”

Running captured my heart in 1998 – and it still holds it firmly in its grasp more than 16 years later.


As my running career matured, my thoughts on how to run faster, prevent overuse injuries, and truly enjoy …

How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue: The Hidden Cause of Over-Training

In 2004, my wife Meaghan was having a terrible cross country season. No matter what she tried, her running performances kept getting worse.

Running Fatigue

Workout splits got slower. She felt exhausted, stressed, and couldn’t sleep. The muscle aches she thought …

The Reverse Taper: How to Return to Running After a Marathon

As a coach, I’m most nervous during the two weeks after a marathon. Aerobic fitness remains high but the body is still reeling from the aftermath of racing 26.2 miles.


The injury risk is significantly higher post-marathon, when the …

How to Sleep Better, Faster, Longer: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Your Sleep

“I call them business meetings,” pro marathoner Ryan Hall once said about his daily nap.

Better Sleep

Ryan is the fastest American marathoner and half marathoner of all-time and is so adamant about his regular nap that he insists it’s part …

The Powerful Benefits of Massage for Runners (and how to do self-massage on the cheap)

Do you love a good massage? You should: the benefits of massage for runners may help you attain your next personal best.

Benefits of Massage

Study the training of professional runners and you’ll notice that they have an entire team helping them …

Hoka Running Shoes: Maximalism and The Rapa Nui 2 Review

The latest evolution of the running shoe industry is what many are calling maximalism.

I’m undecided if I actually like the term “maximalist” but I’ll use it because most runners understand the type of shoe the term implies.

These …

The Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Running: How to Run Your First Ultramarathon

In 2012, I nearly convinced a friend to run a 6 day, 120 mile trail race in the Rocky Mountains that reaches an altitude of over 12,500 feet.

Ultra Running Trail

That race is the Transrockies Run, a mostly singletrack …

How to Return to Running After an Injury

Of the dozens of questions I get every week, the most common is How do I return to running after an injury?

Potomac Marathon

Because injuries are (unfortunately) so abundant – and as runners we love to run – I’m not …

How I Got an Achilles Injury (my first injury in 5 years)

For the last five years, I haven’t had a serious running injury.

Until recently – when I injured my Achilles tendon by making a slew of poor training decisions…

Achilles Injury Post Image

This was a real injury. Not just the very beginning

The Untold Story of my IT Band Syndrome Treatment

There’s something I haven’t told you: treating my IT band syndrome didn’t just revolve around the ITB Rehab Routine.

IT Band Syndrome Treatment

Effective IT band syndrome treatment is much more involved than doing a 10 minute strength routine a few times …