Curing IT Band Pain: 3 New Exercises to Treat Illiotibial Band Syndrome

The worst injury I ever had was a severe case of illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS). For six months, I suffered from constant IT band pain and didn’t run a step.

Illiotibial band syndrome

My fascination with this injury led me to develop …

Struggle with Foot Injuries? Get Healthy With These Foot Exercises

Why do we ignore strength exercises for our feet when each foot contains more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments?

The human foot is an anatomical miracle, able to support hundreds of pounds with an arch that provides energy …

The Tomahawk Medicine Ball Workout – Video Demonstration

What if you could run more – while feeling stronger and getting far fewer injuries?

I think you can. 

In fact, if most runners incorporated just a few small changes to their training they’d see dramatic results with not …

Q&A with Coach: How do I Avoid Muscle Imbalances?

Do you have muscle imbalances? Spoiler alert: of course you do!

In fact, we all do.

Muscle Imbalance

Nobody is perfectly symmetrical. We may have a dominant leg, strike the ground harder with one foot, pronate more with one leg, or …

5 Running Mistakes That Minimize Your Results (and how to fix them)

Are you making these TOP mistakes that I see over and over again?

Today I’ll show you how to fix them and start achieving more with your running – more PR’s, more weight loss, more consistency, and more injury-free …

Confusing What “Can” Work with What Works Best: Revisiting Crossfit Endurance

Last week I posted an article that shows why CrossFit Endurance is not an effective training program for runners.

If you haven’t read it yet then you should before reading this post.CrossFit

I received a lot of criticism and …

CrossFit Endurance: The Best Way to Hack Endurance or a Total Sham?

The claims are bold: run less mileage with more intensity (and a lot of lifting) to race faster. But does it work?


That’s the million dollar question. Is CrossFit Endurance (CFE) an effective training program for runners?

Here’s …

Special DVD Giveaway: Active Isolated Flexibility for Runners

Are you looking for a new way to stay healthy and run more consistently?

Well, I’ve got something you’re going to love.

Today Jay Johnson is going to highlight active isolated flexibility and give away two free DVD’s to …

Achilles Tendonitis Doesn’t Exist (But Here’s How to Treat it Anyway)

Confused? Don’t be – the injury is real but the term Achilles tendonitis is incorrect.

This was news to me until last week when I spoke to Jay Dicharry about how to treat Achilles injuries. Jay is the founder …

Video Q&A: Will Core and Strength Exercises Make Me Faster?

If you asked me ten years ago about strength exercises, I would have smirked and said they’re unnecessary for runners. Also, I was an idiot ten years ago.

I had a conversation with my friend Jeremy in 2003 where …