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Trials Marathoner Andrea Pomaranski on Defying Age at 41, Running 120 Mile Weeks, & How She Lifts

With consistency and dedication, it’s never too late to achieve your running goals. Whether you’re a masters runner or discovering running after college, learn how paying attention to the little things can translate to impressive accomplishments.

No matter how great your love for running, you can’t get better without consistent, healthy training. While new runners may see rapid improvements in some aspects of their training, taking the long range view is essential for success. When you focus on longer race distances like the marathon (or beyond), you may continue to earn PRs well into your years as a masters runner.

Today’s guest has an inspiring story for runners of all ages. Andrea Pomaranski is a 41 year old mom of three who just completed the 2024 Olympic Trials marathon. Andrea ran shorter distances in college and set the American under-20 record in the steeplechase in 2001. Then 22 years later, she also set the American Master’s record in the 50k. Des Linden is currently the only woman who has recorded a faster 50k!

Andrea Pomaranski on lifting and running 120 mile weeks

Andrea has qualified three times for the Olympic Trials in the marathon, and finished 27th this year only 20 days after racing the Houston Marathon. She credits her success to her long term consistency in training alongside regular strength work and pilates.

As an elite marathoner, Andrea has used High Performance Lifting for the past several years to guide her strength training. In this episode we discuss her approach to training and strength work, and how she manages to run 120+ mile weeks with 3 children and a hectic schedule. Our discussion covers:

  • Andrea Pomaranski’s experience at the 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials
  • How Andrea manages her marathon recovery
  • Structuring 120 miles of weekly running as a busy mom
  • Andrea’s keys to staying healthy while running high mileage
  • How she uses the High Performance Lifting Program
  • What’s next for Andrea!

While Andrea is faster than most of us, her story of persistence and juggling a busy schedule is relatable to everyone.  Enjoy our conversation!

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