The Rebel Running Guide is Now Available!

The Rebel Running Guide is an introductory running program for runners training for a 5k. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available 🙁

Steve Kamb and I tirelessly spent this weekend adding even more great running workouts, advice, and tips. It’s got videos, pictures, and interviews. Case studies and workout plans. And puns. Lots of puns.

Rebel Running Guide

This is the most comprehensive and easy to follow introductory guide to running that I know about. I’m excited for you to use it to become a better, more healthy, and faster runner.

It has even more info on exactly what you’ll find inside the book. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find:

  • 100+ pages on running technique (with videos), injury prevention, running surfaces, minimalist shoes, and more
  • Descriptions and videos of every dynamic stretch, core and strength exercise
  • 70+ pages on eating properly
  • How to eat for weight loss, with a focus on the Paleo Diet
  • How to time your meals for minimal weight gain and maximal performance.
  • How to eat for performance if you are a Vegan or Veggie, or just not interested in the Paleo Lifestyle
  • What to eat the day before, night before, and morning of the race
  • How to warm up properly before the race and recover afterwards
  • How to adjust your training style for an adventure 5k
  • Pictures and descriptions of obstacles that you’ll encounter
  • Audio interviews with successful runners to help you dominate

Sounds awesome huh? I poured everything I know about running into this resource for you to help you become a better runner. If you’re on the fence, here are some results from a runner like you:

Thanks to you, your training plans, the common sense and way you dove right into getting me on track is amazing! I am so thankful I found you- even after only 6 weeks! The improvements are noticeable – what you are doing is working for me!” – Tammy

Who This Guide is For (and who shouldn’t buy it)

This guide is not for everyone – but you’ll find it insanely useful if you’re…

  • A beginning runner who’s not sure where to start
  • An out of shape runner who wants to get back into it
  • A runner who’s never raced before – we show you how to run your first 5k successfully so you’ll feel great
  • Injury-prone. Safety is #1 for us so you’ll know how to prevent and treat all the major running injuries, plus varied training to keep you healthy.
  • Someone who wants to run an adventure 5k with obstacles

If you’ve been running for a decade and know all the ins and outs of racing a 5k, then this isn’t for you. You’re pretty advanced and the RRG is only for beginner-intermediate runners.

The Limited Sale

Steve had a great idea to offer the guide for a big discount until this Thursday. So until Thursday at 11:59 PM, you can save $10 on both the basic and premium version. After Thursday, the price will go back to its normal $39 for the regular version and $49 for the premium version.

But even more awesome, the Rebel Running Guide comes with an insane contest.

Buy the guide by 10/3/11, follow the training for 10 weeks, and report back to on how your health and running has changed. Steve and I will subjectively pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You can use before/after picture, race results, or a personal story. It’s up to you!


  • Your next pair of running shoes (up to $130 in value)
  • ANY video game you want up to $60 USD – PC, Xbox, Wii, Ps3, whatever – name it and it shall be yours (or a $50 amazon gift certificate)
  • The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Dr Loren Cordain
  • Run Faster by Brad Hudson
  • Born to Run by Chris McDougal
  • 30 days of coaching from me to continue your dominance
  • A Nerd Fitness T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt

2nd and 3rd place details are on the launch page. Lots of opportunities to win stuff!

I want to thank YOU for your support and for being a part of the Strength Running community. Know that 95% of my stuff is (and always will be) free – it’s my pleasure to keep writing free content for you every week.  If you don’t buy the guide then no big deal, we’ll be back to regular posts later this week.

To your running success!

– Jason.

PS. Since this program is no longer available, I invite you to join the Strength Running Boot Camp to make your running more consistent (this is a program for beginner to intermediate runners).

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